Lost from the World


3. The Lightning

"Miss Kook! Miss Kook, we're here!" Miss Kook woke up instantly, to the sound of the children, not what you want to wake up to every day. Apparently(judging from what the children were saying) they had arrived at the docks of Miami. Following their tour guide they walked up to a motor boat(a very fine motor boat at that). Doing as the tour guide told them to do, they got on the boat. Once they were all on it and seated comfortably the guide took off. See, good beginnings always bring good endings, Miss Kook thought, but her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of lightning-zzzzzzzzzz, and with that the tour guide fell over and into the water, dead...

The children screamed in horror! Miss Kook surged forward, trying to get to the boat controls. Once they were in reach she jerked the steering wheel to the right, to turn the boat around, but it had no affect. The lightning must have interfered with the controls! So they were heading straight into the Bermuda Triangle with no way of stopping, heading toward death...

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