Lost from the World


2. Field Trip

"Now, now class settle down", Miss Kook said as she overlooked her noisy class fighting to get the best seat in the bus. She had realized two nights ago that they had not gone on a field trip in months, so she had arranged for her class to go on a trip into the ocean. She had completely overlooked the fact that the Bermuda Triangle was practically right next to where they were going, thinking of this now she felt a sudden tremble in her lip, but the Bermuda Triangle mysteries were just myths, right? Even if something did happen, God would protect them, she hoped. "Class, did you all remember your life jackets?" she asked nervously. If one of them forgot a life jacket and fell into the water and couldn't swim...well, best not to think about that right now, after all, she did have to look brave in front of her class. A chorus of, "Yes Miss Kook" rang all throughout the bus. "Good", she said in agreement.

"Are you all ready to have a fun trip to the ocean?"

"YES!" Again came the chorus of children

"Well then, what are we waiting here for? Let's get going!"

The kids nodded in agreement. So far, so good she thought. The bus jerked forward as she sat down in her seat, thinking how well this field trip was going to be.



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