People always judge me and then leave my side. This poem is dedicated to the people that understand what I'm going through and yet is still on my side. They deserve to know how much they mean to me. I go through self-harm, depression, stressful stuff that causes anixety,suicidal thoughts, and bullying. To everyone reading this, just know that I love you and if you ever need support or someone to vent to, you have me.


1. Faded (a poem)

You're fading away the way you never said you would

Did I just misunderstood of what you said by 'goodbye'

Don't lie,

I know the truth.

This is just how I feel

Bleeding in the inside

Could this be real

Please, just go

I must leave now

Forever I will be gone.

You feel sorry now, don't you

Now that I'm gone

You're bad, not mine

This is when I should be saying,"Told you so"

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