1,000 words


1. gray clouds

/ hazel /

let me introduce myself , "hello I'm hazel Marie smith . Girlfriend of Harry style's and caught in a love affair with his best mate Liam Payne , I'm bit a good girl nor a bad girl but I can tend to be both . and here's my story . "

I sat in the apartment waiting for Harry to come home from his work . I lit the candles around the kitchen table and set out some steak for dinner and for desert chocolate strawberries . I glanced out the kitchen window and saw gray clouds , and then a little raindrop slide down the window . and then another one did , I sighed and went into the oversized bathroom primping myself so I look nice . I pushed some of my long brunette hair off my shoulder and applied a little bit more eos lip balm . I stared at myself with my brown eyes and gave a little smile , then I heard Harry's voice in the living room "babe in home , mhmm something smells good ." I walked into the living room and his green eyes lit up when he saw me . "you look amazing !" he said approaching my and putting his hands around my waist , "thank you , you don't look too bad yourself ." I said with a smirk . I kissed his lips passionately and then thunder crashed . We jumped back with a smile , "c'mon let's eat ." I grabbed his hand and led him to the kitchen . I took a seat and he did too , we ate our dinner peacefully avoiding the thunder . I put the two plates in the sink and grabbed the plate of chocolate strawberries "follow me ." I said walking upstairs into our huge bedroom . I put the plate down on the nightstand and went into my walk in closet , I put on a Victoria secret Lacey black bra and panties to match them . I brushed my hair and then walked into the bedroom . his eyes traveled up and down my body "I'm not gonna lie but I feel pretty horney ." he said pushing me against the wall . " I smiled and let him control my body . He kissed my neck aggressively leaving a dark mark , he picked me up and my legs wrapped around his waist . He met my lips and I let his tongue explore and then the doorbell rang . "shit !" he said putting me back down on my feet . I crossed my arms while he retrieved to get the door , I grabbed my robe and slipped it on following him . he opened the door and that's when my life changed ..

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