Yea, its me..

"Is that you?" Niall asked with tears forming in his eyes. "Yea, it's me." You reply back almost crying. The guys are confused, "Who is that Niall?" "I- It's my ..


13. Shout outs !!

Ok . Here's what I promised . My shoutouts . Don't forget to follow these lovely people. I also want a pet name for you guys. Leave a comment below saying one (;

1: Directioner4ever1234 was the first to follow me. Thanks gurl(:

2: emmasmurf was the second to follow me. Thanks so much!

3: Zuesapolo . Don't know if I spelled it correctly. Sorry if u didn't.

4: cookie monsta . Thanks !

5: Niall's princess forever .

6: DIRECTIONER @ heart .

7: chelseaj_1D

8: LuLu_77 . I'm not sure if I spelt your name right ..

9: Nerd_forever021

10: yalkam2

11: Ariana A

12: AshleyLuvsBuddy

13: xhoransgirlx

14: smileyniall

Thanks for the follows and support . I live you all !

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