Yea, its me..

"Is that you?" Niall asked with tears forming in his eyes. "Yea, it's me." You reply back almost crying. The guys are confused, "Who is that Niall?" "I- It's my ..


5. Chapter three.

I hung up right then and there. How could she! I mean Aunt Maria is nice is all, but England !!! Ugh. I walked inside and wasn't surprised at all to see that no one was home. It's like this all the time. Just me in the house... It's actually very peaceful.

I went up to my room, turned on the tv, and started to pack. My phone buzzed and I wasn't surprised to see a text from mom. I swiped the unlock, typed in my password, and read aloud: 'Jasmine, I know your upset and all but I have no other choice. I am so sorry honey. I scheduled your flight for tomorrow, at noon. I love you sweet cheeks. I'm sorry again. -Mom.' Noon? At least it wasn't to early. I got right to work on packing. I made sure to pack my favorite pillow, my makeup, lots of cute clothes, and some money from my birthday. $1000 to be exact, and I'm pretty sure my mom was going to give me money for England to. How much, I have no clue. I grabbed my phone charger and stuffed it in the bag. Along with my permit and my house keys to lock the door. I grabbed my phone, and clicked on the Facebook app. After scrolling through some peoples posts, I clicked on the status icon. I typed "Guess I'm going to England. Wierd. Isn't that where that 'One Direction' band is from? I don't even know what they look like. Guess Ill be there all summer. Not looking forward to it. -Feeling Upset 😕"

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