Yea, its me..

"Is that you?" Niall asked with tears forming in his eyes. "Yea, it's me." You reply back almost crying. The guys are confused, "Who is that Niall?" "I- It's my ..


14. Chapter ten.

"In your dreams hot shot.." I said giggling. Zayn was 5 years older than me along with Niall, and Liam. I heard aunt Maria call my name. I left the guys in my room. Niall was walking past me and he had what seemed to be a tear threatening to fall.

"Your kidding right!" I said yelling at my aunt. This had to be what Niall was crying about. "I'm sorry honey. It's the truth though." It couldn't be. It can't be. Could it? I was confused. I've been in England for two whole days now. And all of a sudden she just threw this at me. I thought back. Is he? This all makes sense now. He is!! I have to talk to him.

I made my way up the stairs and to my bedroom. I heard the guys laughing. I opened the door and was shocked to see the guys watching Spongebob. I giggled. "Umm, Niall?" He looked at me. I made a small gesture with my head as if saying come here. He followed me outside to the hall and I shut the door behind him. "Did you hear too?" I was curious.

"Is that you?" Niall asked with tears forming in his eyes. I stuttered before getting the words out. "Yea, it's me." I replied almost crying. The guys were being loud so I opened the door. They were crowded around the door. They were obviously eavesdropping. They were confused. Zayn looked the most confused. "It's Jay. Isn't it?" He said asking Niall. Niall nodded. Harry, "Who is that, Niall?" Niall was sniffling now. "I-it's my... It's my sis-sister." He had begun full on crying and so had I.

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