Yea, its me..

"Is that you?" Niall asked with tears forming in his eyes. "Yea, it's me." You reply back almost crying. The guys are confused, "Who is that Niall?" "I- It's my ..


10. Chapter eight.

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing. I looked. It was just my alarm. I slowly inched my way over to the edge of the bed. I stood up and ran my fingers through my long knotty hair. I walked into the bathroom and hit the on button on my flat iron. I stripped down and climbed into the shower.

I got out at 8:18. I bent down and put my hair up in to the towel. I then wrapped myself into my towel and walked in to my bedroom and picked out a outfit. Specifically a pair of blue denim shorts and a shirt that was plain blue. I walker back into my bathroom and climbed up on to the sink, and did my makeup.

After I flat ironed my hair, I walked into my bedroom. Satisfied, I walked downstairs to see that my aunt wasn't awake. I was hungry, so I decided to make some toast, eggs, sausage and bacon.

I scrummaged around in her cabinets until I found her Gorge Forman grill. I layered the uncooked bacon and sausage on the Forman and waited till I heard a few pops. I grabbed a pan and put it on the stove. I grabbed 4 eggs, two for each of us, an cracked then into the pan. I then walked over and popped 2 pieces of toast into the toaster. I flipped the sausage, bacon, and eggs and walked into the living room.

I found the remote and flipped to the morning news. I walked back into the kitchen to see that everything was done. I grabbed two plates, some silverware, and two napkins and placed them at the dinette table. I then picked up the pan and slid two eggs onto each plate. I grabbed four pieces if sausage and bacon and placed two of each on both plates. I placed a piece of toast on the edge of the plates.

I hear some rumbling upstairs and assumed my aunt was awake. I sat down on my side of the table. She walked down the steps and looked genuinely surprised. I giggled and began to munch down.

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