I Almost Didn't Survive.

Tracy Garth best selling author and publisher thought things where going just great. That was until multi-billionaire and super sexy Logan Tate walks in and changes everything.


1. Chapter 1

I almost didn’t survive January of 2006

I had just finished typing that line in the computer when the intercom rang in my office.

“Miss Garth, there is a Mr. Benson to see you.” The young receptionist who worked for my office, announced.

“Let him in please, and thank you.” I replied back.

“Of course ma’am.” The receptionist replied.

Then there was silence yet again the room. I saved the chapter for the book I was currently working and then turned to the papers that were on the desk. I quickly preceded to organize them into neat stacks. Just as I was finishing there was a knock on the door. I glanced at the clock and it was only ten o’clock.

I gracefully got up from my comfy chair and made my way to the door. Outside was Harry Benson who had been one of my best friends from college. We had both majored in English and after graduation had decided to move out to New York with me from Florida. He quickly hugged me and then I turned and motioned his towards the seats in front of my desk.

“Hey there stranger, how’s it going?” Harry asked smirking.

“I’m good and I am no stranger we saw each other at the dining room table this morning in the apartment we share.” I reply back smartly.

“That is a true statement. Louis and I wanted to know if you would like to go to dinner with us tonight.” He asked. Louis Welsh has been Harry’s boyfriend since we first moved to New York City. He was a successful model and Harry was a book writer just like me.

“Sure, you know my schedule just as well as I do.” I affirmed. We both kept our schedules on the calendar hanging on the wall in the kitchen. We did that so that we knew when we were going going to be home and what not.

“Fair point, how’s your day been going? If seems like you haven’t been writing as much.” Harry questioned.

“Hey I just finished the saga that was on New York Times Best Seller that series took 5 years to write. So I am taking this book a little slower. I was always pushed for deadlines, but for this one I can take my time.” I shot back.

“Ok, I get it. My publisher wants me to make a sequel to the book I last wrote, but I thought the ending tied it up nicely.” He stated.

“Ah yes, the publisher just wants to make more money off you. Well you are always more than welcome to comer over to my publishing firm.” I offer back at him. After I finished the saga, I had saved enough money to dump my publisher and start my own.

“My contract ends a month, and I will diffidently be coming on over. Thank you.” Harry smiled back.

“Anything for you, and you know that.” I commented.

“Ok so Louis is going to be stopping by the apartment and then we will go out from there. Does seven sound ok?” He questioned.

“Sure sounds good, I should be out of here by five and that will give me enough time to get readt and what not.” I said.

“Well I better get going, I have a meeting with my publisher. I might as well tell them I am not going to be renewing my contract.” Harry said as he got up from the chair.

I nodded and got up from my seat as well. I then followed him to the door and pulled him into a hug.

“Now take care of yourself, ok.” It was become something I say every time we left each other’s company.

“Oh course.” Harry replied back, and then was out the door.

After a few more hours I had successfully finished another chapter in my book. That now put the total to a whopping 1 chapter. This book was going to be about the past but at the same time the future. It has been only a month since I finished my last saga, and I had really busy getting my publishing company up and running that there was almost no time to write.

After accomplishing my milestone I decided it was time to go ahead grab some lunch. I stepped outside my door and proceeded to the kitchen area. I nodded to my receptionist and then continued into the main office are where the cubicles where and as I passed them I said hello. I valued all my employees, without them I would be nowhere. Finally I reached the lounge when the Head Editor’s office was on the left and the kitchen was on the right.

Once I was glancing at my shelf in the refrigerator, I decided on a light salad since I was going out to dinner that night anyway. Now by no means have I ever been skinny, I was also had a little bit more to love as they call it. I was curvy, not really overweight or skinny either. I put some of the grilled chicken I had brought in with me yesterday on the top along with honey mustard dressing. That really seemed to hit the spot and then I was back to my office to continue on with the day’s work.

Finally it was five o’clock and I was really looking forward to going home and getting ready to go out to dinner. But as I reached the elevators I noticed that standing there was none other than multi-billionaire Logan Tate.

“Ahh Miss Garth just the women I wanted to talk to. Do you have a moment?” Logan asked.

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