True love

Amy Finds Her True Love And Moves In With ............ Niall Horan As She Sees How Life Is Like Inside The 1D Home!!!!


8. The Marriage

2 weeks later, everyone arrived in Cyprus for Niall and Amy's wedding. Niall met Harry ,Louis ,Liam and Zayn in the reception. They had already unpacked they was all on the same floor. The boys were in there swimming shorts so Niall suggested " lets all go have a dip in the pool!" They all agreed Niall shouted to Amy " let my mum and dad look after Ross while we go relax in the pool" Amy gave Ross to Bobby and Maura and followed Niall and the boys into the pool.

They all jumped into the pool and started to splash about, Zayn had brought his inflatable bed. Liam climbed out of the pool, Zayn was relaxing on the lilo and Liam jumped on to him. Zayn let out a big scream before sinking to the bottom of the pool. Everyone started to laugh while Zayn floated back up to the top and said " Liam im gonna get you for that you sneaky shit!" Zayn climbed out of the pool and started chasing Liam round the outside of the pool. Amy was sat in the Jacuzzi with Niall relaxing with a cocktail. The bubbles stopped in the Jacuzzi and Niall dragged Amy to the bottom and started to kiss her on the lips and Amy moved her hands up and down his torso and squeezed him on the ass before they returned to the surface. Niall gave her a cheeky smile she climbed out and gave him a kiss on the head.

2 days later.The marriage was in 2 hours and Amy was getting really excited, Zayn's girlfriend Maria was doing her hair into golden curls. Her dress was pearl white with crystal diamonds around the side. Maria had finished her hair and said " you look gorgeous with those blonde curls" Amy looked in the mirror and was delighted with what she saw. 1 hour later she was in her dress and the bridesmaids were in there bright pink dresses, Niall was waiting in the church lilly Amy's little sister was flower girl she was throwing flowers out will Amy was walking behind her. Niall turned around and was gob smacked at what he was looking at, he had a tear in his eye. Ross was stood next to him in his little suit saying " mummy looks beautiful daddy". Amy was now stood next to Niall while the vicor was saying the vowels and Amy and Niall was repeating them. " you may kiss the bride" said the vicor and everyone cheered and Niall took Amy by the hips and kissed her lips. Ross was clapping and shouting " go daddy whoo ".

6 hours later Niall was cuddled up in bed with Amy, Niall sat up and gave Amy a flirty look and was now sat on Amy. Niall stood up and threw his boxers into the air and said " you ready baby" Amy was now un clipping her bra and nodded her head. Niall slipped her pants off and now they was both lying naked on the bed. Niall climbed on top off Amy and pushed up and down Amy was squeezing on to the bed sheets and saying " Faster baby" Niall was now moving faster and Amy was screaming. Niall now slipped down beside her and they both was sweating Amy turned over and started to rub his torso and lick it up and down she was very horny as the night went on she fell asleep on his dick.

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