True love

Amy Finds Her True Love And Moves In With ............ Niall Horan As She Sees How Life Is Like Inside The 1D Home!!!!


1. The First Meet

 " Amy hurry up we are leaving in 20 minutes" shouted Rebecca from down the stairs. Amy wondered if she should go out tonight she decided she would so she got into a outfit.  10 minutes later Amy walked out the door into the cab. Rebecca suggested " We should go to the bar in town". Amy thought that was a excellent idea so she said " yea we can meet some cute boys there".

When they arrived the bar was packed with people it was only 7.00 Amy and Rebecca headed over to a empty table and sat down. " do you think we will meet any boys tonight" said Amy. " of course we will" said Rebecca. 5 minutes later 2 boys approached there table. " H-e-l-l-o ladies" said the boy with brown hair. Rebecca gave him a flirty look. The boy with blonde hair said to Amy " do you fancy a drink". Amy stood up straight away with a smile on her face. She followed him towards the bar while Rebecca was talking to the other boy.

He introduced himself his name was Niall Horan. Amy was in true love at first sight she couldn't take her eyes off him. Niall handed her a martini and they sat down together at a separate table. Amy glanced other at Rebecca and she was already at it with Louis. She looked at Niall and Niall looked back at her in a flirty way. He said "lets get wasted tonight we can crash out at my place after". Amy not taking much notice she agreed and they started of with a couple of shots. As the night went on more and more shots were drank, by the time 1.00 Niall,Louis,Amy, and Rebecca were drunk they crashed out at 1D house. Amy and Niall were asleep in his bed while Louis fell asleep in the bath and Rebecca was on the couch.









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