True love

Amy Finds Her True Love And Moves In With ............ Niall Horan As She Sees How Life Is Like Inside The 1D Home!!!!


2. The Boys

 Amy woke to find Niall snoring next to her, her head was spinning she had drank to much last night. She closed her eyes again she fell back into a deep sleep. One hour later she felt Niall turn over and kiss her on the head and said " good morning babe". Amy woke immediately and sat up she had to get home she was in a rush. " where you going" said Niall. " I need to get home my mum has texted me 34 times" gasped Amy.

25 minutes later she arrived home her mum was furious, she explained however, her mum did not take any notice. She rang Niall and said " I am moving with you I cant stand it anymore at home". Niall was delighted he said " ok ill see you later then". Amy put down the phone, she was excited she was finally moving out. Later that night Amy had everything moved in she was glad it was all over she could relax. Amy was sat on the couch when Rebecca burst through the door, Amy was surprised " I've moved in to as well me and Louis are dating" shouted Rebecca!! Amy couldn't believe it her self, her best friend and Niall all under one roof.

3 boys rushed into the room surprised as Amy was sat there. Zayn asked "hello so who are you" Amy looked at him and said " I'm Amy Smith i am dating Niall". The boys were shocked but pleased at the same time. " let's go out and celebrate" suggested Liam. " great idea Liam" said Niall. 30 minutes later they was all dressed for going to the pub. As they arrived Niall helped Amy out of the car. " what a gentlemen you are Niall" said Amy. Niall and Amy headed over to a empty table and started kissing. Harry and Zayn walked past and they gave them a yuk- look, without even noticing them Niall carried on.

They arrived back home Niall and Amy crashed into bed. Niall whispered " I would love to be a father lets have a baby." Amy gave him a smile and said " I would love to be a mother." They were at it Niall and Amy. Niall knew he was going to be a perfect dad while Amy was thinking she was going to be a perfect mother! Niall was having a feeling that he never had before True Love!! Amy was having the same feeling also thinking what a perfect family she was going to have the Horan family!!


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