True love

Amy Finds Her True Love And Moves In With ............ Niall Horan As She Sees How Life Is Like Inside The 1D Home!!!!


3. Morning Sickness

Amy woke up with morning sickness she was in the bathroom for 20 minutes heaving and bringing up sick! Niall could hear her heave and puke he couldn't bear it. He walked in and patted her on the back and said " let it all out don't worry it's ok." She looked at him and gave him a smile before puking again. He left and she had stopped she looked at the shelf and seen pregnancy tests. She grabbed one after 3 minutes it said positive, she was so delighted she called Niall and said excitedly " I'm pregnant Niall I'm so happy your going to be a dad!" Niall couldn't believe it he had to tell the lads straight away.


Later on that day Niall called every one into the living room and announced that Amy was pregnant. The boys were delighted to hear such news. However, Harry said " so in 2 years we are gonna have a little crying baby running around the house your nuts." Niall didn't like the sound of what Harry was trying to say. However, Niall gave him a dirty look and said "we are going out for dinner tonight to celebrate."


Amy was upstairs getting ready for the evening meal, she was excited to see where Niall was taking her. Niall walked into the room with a shirt and tie Amy turned round and said " don't u look handsome." She stood up and as she went past she gave Niall a quick kiss on the cheek and a slap on the ass.


When they arrived at the restaurant Niall had reserved a table just for the 2 of them. Niall ordered a 3 course meal while Amy only eat a steak, she looked and Niall and giggled. " what's so funny" said Niall. Amy said "you have always loved your food." Niall had just finished his pudding and had chocolate sauce all over his mouth. Amy sat there and giggled again as he tried to get it off.

When they got back from there meal it was 11.00 Amy was feeling tired and got into bed. While Niall stayed up with the lads. The lads were drunk and they were doing dares, Zayn dared Louis to make out with Rebecca in the cupboard. 10 minutes later Harry opened the door and Louis was all over Rebecca they all giggled. Niall said "I'm going to bed guys it's 2:00" as Niall walked up the stairs he could still hear the music blaring from downstairs. He opened the bedroom door to find another man in his bed making out with Amy. Niall shouted " get  off my girl" and pounced on him. The window was wide open he threw the guy onto the floor and switched the light on. Niall was on top of him beating and beating finally Amy shouted " Niall stop Niall stop please that's enough ." Niall looked surprised what he had just heard. " he was snogging you how could you let this happen." The rest of the boys and Rebecca ran up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Morning came and Niall had slept on the couch he was disgusted how that another man had been kissing and touching his girl. Amy walked downstairs and found Niall wide awake on the couch. She said " I'm sorry he said if I shouted he would kill me he had a knife in his hand." Niall looked at her but with no smile. He said " did he hurt you" Amy paused and said " we'll i was about to shout but he cut my wrist!" Niall jumped up and said " where are you ok do you need a doctor!" Amy looked surprised how quick he had actually moved. "No I'm fine it's just a scratch I'll be ok ."



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