True love

Amy Finds Her True Love And Moves In With ............ Niall Horan As She Sees How Life Is Like Inside The 1D Home!!!!


6. Christams Morning

 Ross ran down the hallway shouting " ITS CHRISTMAS WAKE UP!" Ross ran into Amy and Niall's bedroom and pounced on Niall. Niall woke with a shock but he was excited because it was Christmas morning. Niall and Amy took Ross downstairs and opened the door to the living room. Ross couldn't stop smiling he turned around and gave Niall a hug and Niall had a tear in his eye. Ross opened all his presents and was playing with his red car. Liam came in with bacon sandwiches for everyone. Harry was sat in the corner he opened a squishy present it was a pair of socks that said ' cheer up'. He looked at Niall and just laughed, Amy was sat next to Niall and Niall said " Babe we are going to my parents house for lunch." Amy looked at him and agreed.

Amy got Ross into a Christmas jumper, Niall walked in with a shirt and tie. Amy drove them to Niall's parents house. They knocked on the door Bobby answered " Niall come in my son how are you" Niall entered with Amy and Ross following. " are you going to introduce me to your family" said Bobby. " yes sorry this is Amy my fiancé and this is Ross are little boy" said Niall. " come in lunch is ready we have a choice of pork or turkey" said Maura ( Niall's Mum). They was sat at the table eating there Christmas dinner, Niall told his parents that he was getting married in 2 months. " What wonderful news" said Maura. They finished eating there meal and sat down in the living room, Niall was talking to his dad about football while Amy was talking to Maura about the wedding dresses and Ross was playing with his toy car on the carpet.

Amy arrived back at home with Niall however Ross was staying with Bobby and Maura for the weekend so Niall and Amy could have fun and relax. It was only 5:00 and Niall said " lets all get into the pool!" Amy ran up the stairs and shouted " im getting into my bikini!" Louis and Rebecca ran in from the kitchen " are you two nuts its Christmas day" shouted Rebecca. Niall said " the pools heated and it will be fun come and join us!" Louis and Rebecca agreed and they all got ready into there swim gear.

They all went outside and jumped into the pool Niall pushed Amy to the bottom of the pool and started to kiss. Niall kept on top of her and kept kissing, they both floated back up to the top and Amy said " you dirty boy" and gave him a flirty look. Amy glanced over to see where Louis and Rebecca was but all she could see was to naked people at the bottom of the pool. She looked over again and a bikini and swimming trunks floated towards the top. She looked at Niall " lets go back im freezing cold babe" Niall looked at her " ok babe lets get back inside!" She glanced over and Louis and Rebecca had now floated back up to the surface. Before Amy went through the door she said " had a nice time down there Becks" she giggled as she went through the door. Amy got into her onesie and slipped into bed she fell straight to sleep she was knackered!!

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