True love

Amy Finds Her True Love And Moves In With ............ Niall Horan As She Sees How Life Is Like Inside The 1D Home!!!!


4. 9 Months Later

Amy was in agony she was in labor, Niall was sat next to her holding her hand. The boys came through the door with flowers and teddies. They all smiled at Amy, " how's she doing" said Liam. Niall looked at Liam and said " she's fine not long now." The nurse came in she told the boys to leave except Niall. The nurse slowly put some gloves on and said " here he comes." Niall was excited to see his baby boy, Niall looked at Amy and gave her a thumps up. Amy was pushing hard and finally the baby boy came out. 4 minutes later Amy was sat on the bed holding her baby boy and said to Niall " what shall we call him." Niall looked so happy and he said " what about Ross!" Amy agreed with a nod and she handed baby Ross over to his dad. Niall couldn't take his eyes off him he was so pleased to be a father.

Later on that day Louis drove Niall and Amy back to the house. Once Amy arrived through the door everyone cheered, there was teddies and ' it's a boy' balloons every where. While Amy sat down Niall showed baby Ross to everyone. Amy was feeling quite dizzy she decided to jump into the shower. Niall told Liam and Louis to look after Ross while he and Amy got in the shower. Amy was in the shower while Niall creeped in and started to strip. He climbed into the shower with Amy and pinned her to the wall and started kissing her and giving her love bites.

1 hour later Amy was sat on the couch breast feeding while Niall was sat eating his takeaway. Niall had already a 10 inch pizza now he was eating Chinese. After Amy put Ross to bed upstairs and rejoined everyone else. Niall sat next Amy and snuggled up next her. Amy turned round and sat on top of Niall and snogged him round the lips. The boys were looking and Zayn said " excuse me." Niall stopped and looked at Zayn and said " oh right sorry."

Morning came and Niall was looking over at Ross and he was looking back. He lifted him out of his Moses basket and sat him on his chest. Amy opened one eye and could see Niall playing around with him. Amy giggled as Ross was trying to bite on Niall's ear. Amy fell back asleep while Niall was saying to Ross " who's a big boy." Amy woke and said " he's only one day old" she giggled. Niall gave her a look that she had never seen before but after she knew what he was going to say .........

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