Niall's One and Only

Mabel is your typical party girl that loves to party and drink. What happens when an Irish bombshell from the most popular boy band whips her into reality, and falls in love with her? Did I forget to mention that Mabel already has a boyfriend, and her best friend doesn't approve of her good girl behavior either. Let's just say that we wish Mabel the best of luck!


2. Small World

2~ Small World

I woke up shivering, fluttering my eyes open I saw plain gray walls with a toilet and a mirror. I rolled over and stared at the top bunk that was connected mine. Was I in jail? "A-aerial?" I stutter. "Nope sorry princess the only mermaid you'll be seeing is this one." A cold raspy Irish voice said. He poke his head down and smiled at me. "Hey, I'm Niall!" He smiled through his braces. "Hey aren't you that guy I bumped into at the club?" I said standing up off the jail bed. "I think so, uh..." Niall looked at me intently. "Pond, Mabel Pond that is." I stated slipping my hands in my pockets and rocking back in forth from my heels to my toes. "How'd you get in here, you don't look like a criminal to me." He joked with a corny smile. "Now that you say that I honestly have no idea how I got here, but what about you?" I asked with real curiosity. "Since I'm in de Americas I was driving on the wrong side of the road." Niall said with embarrassment. I made an o shape with my mouth out of not knowing what to say. "Ladies," the jail guard yelled. "You've made bail." The guard said with disappointment. "You seem like you want us to stay here." I said with my hand on my hip. "Well I don't get much company here." He said staring at his toes. "Well at least de crime level has gone down!" Niall says while skipping out of the cell. I shrug my shoulders and skipped along with him. Our fun came to a stop when I saw Aerial standing at the counter smiling. "Hey criminal!" She said with a laugh. "Hey drunkee!" I fired right back with a smirk. I hugged her tightly for a while, she unwrapped her arms around me, "Oh la la, who's this hunk?" She said referring to Niall. Niall shifted uncomfortably. "Um.. This is Niall. I met him in jail." I said with a awkward smile. "Oh ok," she said with a wink. "Well c'mon ya silly mushroom." Aerial said poking my nose and smiling. After Aerial left I asked Niall if he needed a ride. "Nah, I'm fine I'll just call one of my boys." He said nodding his head. I mouthed ok and handed him a piece of paper. "Whats this?" Niall asked confused. All I did was wink. I headed out to the car and sat in the passenger seat. As we drove home I played with my fingers hoping for a very important phone call.

I flopped down on the brown leather couch. Grabbing the remote I see all these different channels Disney, A&E, and the news. Why does the news have to be so boring, right now its going on and on about these five british boys making it big. Wait! Is that Niall? It's looks exactly like him and what he was wearing! I grab my sleek iPhone 5s and look up Niall in the search bar. Thousands of pictures popped up showing Niall's face along with him and four other guys on stage. "One Direction.." I said shocked that this was the first time I've heard of this band. "Hey Mabel, I'm going out to the store for a bit, watch the house for me." Aerial said while digging through her purse to try and find some keys. "Of course, just in case it runs off to find love in Hawaii, I'll be prepared." I joked with a bit of sarcasm. "I'm serious Mabel." She said walking out the door. "Me too dear!!" I yelled at her so she could hear me. Well now that I'm here alone I need friends. I thought rubbing my hands together with an evil smirk. All of a sudden I felt a surge rush through me, I jolted every this way and that. I rolled off the couch and hit my head on the coffee table sitting directly across from it. My leg spasmed everywhere, then it stopped. Yeah that is my curse, everybody has one really. Aerial's curse is always getting drunk and having no control over it. Mine is what I like to call mine banana twerking. You see I curl up like a banana and then my legs go all over, like a twerk. It's really quite embarrassing. While I was trying to recover and stand up, I couldn't help but keep asking myself: Niall's famous? I crawled all the way up the carpet stairs, through the hall, and into my bedroom. I managed to get myself up to the vanity seat and look at myself. My long blonde hair reaches to the middles of my back, it compliments my blue eyes and kind of tan skin. My pink party dress still clung to my body and smelled like liqueur. I decided on a shower, I moped into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I took off my clothing and dropped them on the floor. I hopped into the shower and let the hot pellets assault my back. All my tension went away for a while. I got Aerial's Aussie hair shampoo and rubbed my hair in it.

All my sadness about Taylor went away, all my shock about Niall disappeared, all my cares let go for a little bit. Yet it only takes a little bit of time for everything to change.

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