Niall's One and Only

Mabel is your typical party girl that loves to party and drink. What happens when an Irish bombshell from the most popular boy band whips her into reality, and falls in love with her? Did I forget to mention that Mabel already has a boyfriend, and her best friend doesn't approve of her good girl behavior either. Let's just say that we wish Mabel the best of luck!


1. Mabel

1~ Mabel

I took one last sip of my vodka, as it washed all my cares away it also burned my throat like no tomorrow. My best friend Aerial shuffled up to me and man was she drunk! "What kind of bunny are you?" She asked while poking my nose. "Hmm.." I trailed off trying to sound like I was thinking about it hard, "One hell of a drunk one!" I shouted with my hands up in the air. My boyfriend Taylor took me by the hand and escorted me to the dance floor. The strobe lights bounced as I swayed my hips into Tay. His firm hands had a tight grasp on my hips as they moved along with my body. Taylor bit my earlobe and whispered "the things you do to me..." I spun around as Taylor pulled me in close to him. He leaned in to kiss me and I let him. Our lips moved in sync as the music blared. His tongue trailed along my bottom lip demanding entry, I allowed him in. Taylor's sweet movement of tongue circled around my tongue ring. As I came up for air I noticed Aerial had a mystery guy she was dancing with. Her mid-length hair reached about her shoulders, her big brown eyes and tan skin looked amazing right now. Her tight red mini dress fit like a glove on her curves. Taylor grabbed my hand and spun me around in a circle, which resulted in me laughing. He pulled me in close and looked me dead in the eye and smiled, "Drink?" I nodded my head with a smirk. He shuffled away to the bar. I looked around and walked off. The club was full with sweaty bodies all over. I looked back and bumped into someone in accident. I looked up at the person, his big blue eyes gleamed and sparkled which perfectly complimented his blonde hair. "I'm so sorry." He spoke with an Irish accent. "Yeah, me too." I said and turned away smiling and playing with my fingers. I saw Taylor standing in the same spot with drinks in his hand. Then I saw another freaking girl! I stormed over there as fast as my legs could carry me. "Get out of here bitch!" I yell at the petite red head. She quickly walks away with attitude. "What the hell?" Taylor shouts. "Uh, what do you mean... I'm your girlfriend!" I say in a duh kind of tone. "Not anymore!" Taylor says chasing after the red head. I stand in shock blinking away the tears. I Grab Ariel's hand and drag her out the club door into the chilly air. "What's wrong silly?" Aerial says playfully while spinning in circles. "I got my heart broken and I need to stay at your place. Is that alright?" I say tears brimming in my eyes. "That's fine silly mushroom!" Aerial says playfully. I haul a cab and hop in dragging Aerial in with me.

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