Niall's One and Only

Mabel is your typical party girl that loves to party and drink. What happens when an Irish bombshell from the most popular boy band whips her into reality, and falls in love with her? Did I forget to mention that Mabel already has a boyfriend, and her best friend doesn't approve of her good girl behavior either. Let's just say that we wish Mabel the best of luck!


3. Beach Party

3~ Beach Party

While the hot water relaxed my muscles, I heard some banging around in the kitchen with what seemed like pots and pans. I turned the shower off and stepped out wrapping myself in the white fluffy towel. I opened the door and took a look around. Then the door slammed. I ran to the door and noticed we've been robbed! The kitchen and living room have been cleaned out. There was nothing but chairs and tables. Ohhh, Aerial is going to be so mad. I mentally slapped myself in the face. I can't believe I let this happen, but it's not my fault. Right? I mean, Aerial left the door unlocked and I was in the shower so I had no control over it. I still clenched up inside knowing that she would say I knew you weren't responsible or can't I ever trust you. Something in that range. When I heard the door open, I looked to see a shocked Aerial. "A-aerial, I had no idea I-I'm so sorry I was in the shower." I said fast and hunched my back waiting for the scolding. I opened one eye and stared eye to eye with a blank faced Aerial. "I know who did it." She said blinking slowly.


One week later

I heard my phone buzz and looked down to see that it was Niall.

N= Niall

M= Me

N: hey I was wondering if you wanted to go to a beach party with me and the boys tonight?

M: sure;) but what time will you pick me up?

N: 6:00 love!

Niall and I have been in touch for about 4 days now and now that he's back in the Americas we've been hanging out and stuff. I walked to my room and grabbed my rainbow bikini and took off my WKU shirt and tossed it to the side. I quickly in clipped my pink lace bra and put my top on. Then I took my shorts off and put the bottoms on. I slipped on a pair of short denim shorts that are ripped at the edges. My sheer t-shirt from Aeropostale went over the bikini leaving a wee bit of cleavage showing. I brushed my long blonde hair and put it into a high ponytail. I also took my phone, pink Victorias Secret wallet, and my vans were now fitted comfortably on my feet. When I looked at the clock it read 5:56 and so I decided to go check on Aerial she has been really out of it and mad lately, I wonder of it was because of the incident. "Aerial I'm going to a small party with Niall and the gang." I said with a straight voice. "Whatever, do what you want I don't even care anymore." She noted with a scoff. I heard a loud horn go off from outside, I looked out the window and it was Niall. Zayn was in the back shaking his butt in front of the windshield. I reacted in laughing. When I exited the building the rush of cool air hit my face. I hopped into the front of Niall's car.

When we arrived at the party, people were already dancing and were drunk. Niall put his arm around me and said "Welcome to party central!" I laughed knowing this was a lame party compared to my other ones. Well at least I could enjoy it while it lasted.

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