"Like a subtle yet claustrophobic pressure on his back, he knew he was being watched. He knew that some eyes, somewhere, were slitted, glaring, and angry. And watching him."

When orphaned scavenger Theseus finds six gold pieces, the most money he's ever seen, to visit the market, he thinks that life is finally changing, moving away from the labour he is forced to perform everyday. But nothing can prepare him for what awaits. Cold eyes watch his every move, until Theseus is recruited into a secret organisation that governs the security of his world. He is introduced to the subtle art of phasing, the act of changing ones appearance to match another. Theseus is then thrust into a world of subterfuge, spying and mystery while he desperately tries to stop the kidnappings that have broken his haven . As his world falls apart, he must unravel the deepest secret ever kept about the island he calls home. He begins to realise, that evil can lurk even where you least expect it.


1. Prologue - On Seas of Silver

"The year is forgotten. That's all we know. Aeons ago, as the eldest of our race recall, an apocalypse came to our land. Humans fell, and chaos reigned. In the ash of the flame we fled, sailing away from all we knew. We travelled for millennia, in unknown seas, desperately trying to escape our past. Wave after wave, running away from the tower of smoke and fire that was our world. But, when all hope was lost we reached Borealis. Like a dream we floated onto land, and settled on the western shore of something beautiful. Hope was restored, or so we thought.

We colonised quickly, rebuilding what was lost, creating a ram-shackle city to call our home. The population increased, however, until we were too much. Construction started on a extension of our nation, The Garrison. Settlers were sent out to the East, and we created a defensive arc of Sectors where the...less fortunate people were sent. The Block was established, a huge force of protectors to keep our landing from burning like our past. Hope was restored. Or so we thought.

That was when what we now call the Dark Era fell. We discovered we had... neighbours. Race upon race hit our nation, slaughtering our people, shunting our civilisation into hiding. Creatures darker than our most fearful nightmares destroyed us.It took the Great Lord Tirinus to awake the population. We fought back, vicious in our onslaught. The races that had once culled our families now quaked under our firm rule. Many fled to the East, weakened and unstable, but some we kept under our control. Humans stabilised, and the New Era began.

Everything seemed to flow. We kept a firm grip on the land, and we flourished . The Garrison grew, towns springing up in the border between the Sectors and the city. We rejoiced under the rule of the Second Lord Tirinus, and told stories of the humans we saved from the now fading memory of our past. We should have known it was too good. We should have known.

But we didn't. And that was the mistake. The mistake that led to the kidnappings. That's when everything went wrong..."

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