Everyone on earth thinks that one direction and Justin Bieber are dead. Why? Because their grand tour jet crashed in the middle of the pacific ocean. All the fans are crying like crazy but what none of them know is that they have actually crash landed on Diamond City. A unknown city populated by only women. What will happen next? Find out in Dead!


1. Broken

No one's POV

They were all stranded on a unknown island in the middle of nowhere. Harry's hair was no longer curly but flat because the of the amount of blood that was on his arm. Niall was unconscious. Zayn's head was scratched badly and was bleeding causing his face to become masked in blood. Justin was injured on his knees and sitting on what was left of a chair from the jet. Louis' ankle was twisted in a way no one would ever want to imagine let alone see. Liam was hanging limp from a tree with his eye swollen shut. No human life was in sight. Although she wasn't seen Lily , the messenger for the tribe, quietly watched the broken men. After about 5 minutes of examining the situation she decided to tell the queen that these unknown creatures were in need of their help.

Queen's POV

'' NO! We can't just help these these... Men! They could do anything to us just like the last ones"

'' But. But my queen we must help them. Besides those men were on a boat that came 20 years ago''

'' I still don't trust them! I will not make the same mistake my mother made that lead to abduction! I simply wont do it!''

" But. But."

" No Lily I won't do it!"

" What if I could perhaps... bring proof?"

"... Proof of what exactly"

"Proof that the.. the men wont do any harm to us."

"hmm.... very well than. But if anything is to happen to you or anyone else they shall die!"

"Ok my queen! I wont let you down!"

"I sure hope you wont"


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