Tropical Waters

Maisie Benjamen was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago,living in Trinidad, in the Caribbean. Two islands with tiny islands all around.Maisie isn't one for dreaming in the clouds but her best friend, Cascade Bennet , is all for it. Cascade loves to try whacky things that would 'give you powers' from the internet. One night ,Maisie is convinced by Cascade to go swimming with her when it's dark out, Cascade saying something about connecting with nature. Little did they expect to get more connected than they wanted.


1. New school and old friends

On September 7th 2013,Maisie Benjamen awoke with a start. She looked around her blue contemporary bedroom,very calm,until she looked at the foot of her bed. She gave a little gasp when she saw her younger brother's dog,Oscar, staring at her. His paws were wet and he was whimpering.

"Luke!" she yelled.

She got out of bed and left her bedroom in her pajamas.Maisie lived with her 8 year old brother and mother in an apartment which her mother rented.She used to live in a house but when her parents divorced,they sold it.She saw her brother sitting at the table.

"Luke, what is oscar doing in my room? And why are his paws wet?" Maisie asked still half asleep.

"Relax, he went walking around the neighborhood and it rained. I let him in your room to wake you up.By the way, you should brush your hair before you go." He said as he chewed on toast.

Maisie blinked a bit and then remembered today was her first day of Secondary school. The country she lived in was under British rule before they became a republic, so the school system was still British.Maisie went back into her room,finally awake.

Her brother was right about her hair, it was a brown mess. Maisie's hair wasn't the only thing abnormal about her. Her hair was brown but had barely visible red highlights she inherited from her paternal grandmother.She had fair skin and a petite frame. Her blue eyes gave a certain excitement to her looks. Luke was like her but no red.

An hour later, Maisie's mom's minivan pulled up in front of Maisie's new school, Clear Hope Convent Secondary.Maisie hurled her bag and herself out and said bye to her mom. Ok Maisie,she thought to herself, new school which means got to work hard and impress the teachers. Her thoughts were interrupted soon enough.

"Mac-ee-dee!" cried a smiling blonde girl Maisie recognized only as Cascade Bennet. Maisie had met Cascade on the first day of kindergarten and when Cascade read Maisie's name tag,she didn't know how to pronounce it. 'You say it like Macy' she told her and Cascade repeated it to herself. "macy, Casey, Casidee... I'll call you Maisie-dee!' Cascade announced as proud as a 5 year old can be. Maisie never understood how she got to Maisie-dee but never cared either. They've been best friend since.

"Hey there Cas, so glad you passed for here! Anyone else from our old school?" Maisie said smiling and pulling Cascade into a hug.

"yes, all the old brats and then some old friends" she whined and dramatically(and sarcastically) pulling her hair. Maisie laughed. Drama queen, she thought.

Maisie and Cascade strut into their new school.Awaiting our doom, Maisie thought as they walked through the doors.

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