Olivia brown and the chamber of secrets

This is a sequel to Olivia Brown and the Philosophers stone!


5. From then on

From then on, a bunch of muggle-born people were petrified. Had Malfoy done it? Professor Lockheart taught us a little bit about the chamber of secrets. He said that Salazar Slytheryn had not agreed to let anybody into Hogwarts unless they were pure-bloods. So when his true heir would return to Hogwarts, he could control the monster within the chamber, and how any muggle-born students to beware. Which scared the living daylight out of all the muggle-born students. Even I was scared! I mean, who wouldn't be? Maybe some heartless Slytheryn pure-blooded student, but besides Malfoy, who wouldn't be? Collin was petrified, along with a bunch of other people. Let's just be glad that I'm not muggle-born. Well at least I'm happy.

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