Olivia brown and the chamber of secrets

This is a sequel to Olivia Brown and the Philosophers stone!


3. eat slugs!

This is something super weird yet super funny happened! And I just happened to be walking by the field when it happened. I heard Oliver Wood talking about a new seeker, and so I went and saw what was going on, and I heard something like, " No one asked for your opinion, you filthy little mud-blood!" and even I gasped, and went to see what was happening, and then Ron said something, and then he said, "eat slugs!" And let me remind you never to use a broken want if possible, because his spell backfired! He was throwing up slugs!  Even though it was super funny, I had to help, so I ran to the field to help, but before I got there, they were heading to Hagrids. And it was all fun and games until that night. 

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