Olivia brown and the chamber of secrets

This is a sequel to Olivia Brown and the Philosophers stone!


2. back to school

This year started out kind of strange. Well, it would for any second year, because last year, we were going with Hagrid to get to school, and he would take us to be sorted, this year we got to the feast early, and we enjoyed the feast for even longer! So delicious! But then I watched as the first years got sorted into their house, and saw as the majority of them went into other houses, but there was this one kid, I think his name was Collin, and he was all over Harry potter. It was so cute! And apparently Ginny got into Gryffendor. I feel bad for her, I mean, she's the only girl, and the youngest out of 7 kids! I couldn't live with that! My family has 3 girls and 2 boys, so we're pretty much even, but at least the boy's are really close in age. But back to the story, but it wasn't until the next day until something really funny happened! Apparently Ron and Harry had driven an enchanted car to school, which probably explains why I didn't see them on the train, but Ron got a howler! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! It was really funny, but you couldn't help feeling bad for the poor kid. And I think the funniest part was when I discovered that Ron's actual name is Ronald! That's kind of embarrassing.

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