Emma has had a bad past. One so bad that she doesn't like to talk or think about it for it brings her to tears. But when she is given a second chance at a better live will she ruin it all over again with yet another bad boy or will Emma fall in love with a sweet loving Irish singer.


3. meeting her

Niall's P.O.V.

"Are you ready boys?" Liam asked. Unaware of Louis's can of silly string hidden behind his back.

"Of course we're ready! Why wouldn't we be?" Harry said with a small smirk.

" you know you boys worry me. " Liam continued. " here I thought that you had some sort of mischievous plan."

Darn he was good. My turn. "In fact we could start the show now if your re- HEY! Look Liam it's Dani!"

Liam spun around looking for his girlfriend. When he finally realized she wasn't there, he turned around and was about to say something when Louis quickly pulled out the silly string and started spraying Liam in the face and all over his clothes while Zayn, Harry, and I skipped out on stage followed by a grinning Louis and a orange silly sting covered Liam. "Are you ready London?!!!!!" Liam yelled whipping a glob of goo from his face.

The crowd roared. Just then I stopped in the middle of the stage and a lovely girl about 19 years old cought my eye. She was beautiful. "Niall! Sing!"

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