Emma has had a bad past. One so bad that she doesn't like to talk or think about it for it brings her to tears. But when she is given a second chance at a better live will she ruin it all over again with yet another bad boy or will Emma fall in love with a sweet loving Irish singer.


4. Me?

Emma's P. O.V.

He was looking at me! Niall. The rest of the band had to yell at him to sing! They started off the concert with what makes you beautiful and went in until they decided to play little things.

I have to admit that song was my favorite. Right when the song was about to start, he jumped off stage to a crowd of screaming girls and found me. "You want to dance?" He asked me.

"Me?" I stared blankly. Why me?

He just smiled "yes you!" He had an Irish accent. I just nodded, blushing furiously I grabbed his hand and he lead me up on stage. The song started and Niall and I slow danced. Every once in a while he would have to stop to sing. I loved his part and it was so cool being there in person.

I was disappointed when the song ended knowing that I probably would not see Niall again. But I got over that when he said "meet me and the boys backstage in 30 minutes when the concert Is over." Handing me a backstage pass I quickly ran off stage and took my seat. Many girls where smiling at me or glaring at me. Oh boy!

30 minutes later...

I took my back stage pass I out if my purse and went back stage to meet Niall. I went back there and knocked on the door only to be greeted by a shirtless and tattoo covered Harry. "Oh my I'm s-sorry! I didn't know!" I stuttered. He only smiled and laughed. I must have looked confused because he quickly explained that I didn't have to be so polite. That was good since I really wasn't.

Niall came out from behind the door. "Hello love!" He exclaimed. "I don't exactly think I got your name."

"I'm Emma. I just moved here a couple of days ago, and my friend is a huge fan and gave me a concert ticket as a welcoming gift." I explained

"Well you are very lucky, we will be staying here in London for the rest of the year!" Louis screamed from another room.

We hung out for a few minutes before Louis decided that we should all watch a movie at his flat. I agreed and texted my mom that I would be late. Liam drove with Zayn in the passengers seat and the rest of us in the back.

When we got there Harry instantly picked out the scariest movie he could find and put it in the DVD player. "Oh no." I whispered. Scary movies gave me night mares. Niall must have heard me say this because he picked me up and sat me next to him on the couch.

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