You Make Me Strong

Hailey and Tori plan to go Paris, they get on the wrong flight and run into Harry. Then Harry takes them home to 4 more boys. Romance between Harry and Tori - Niall and Hailey. What happens when Louis and Zayn get jealous and get involved? Read to find that out!

This is for my Tori is my bestie and here you.
I have nothing against the other boyz. Directioner forever and always.


7. Video Games

I woke up to a Alarm and Tori's feet in my face. I pulled back the covers and got out of bed. I stretched and then looked at the clock. It was 11. I shook Tori she mumbled, "Give me 10 more minutes mum." I rolled my eyes. I pushed her off the bed. "Oww, wait where am I?" Gosh she can be such a blonde sometimes (Sorry to the blondes reading this...nothing personal). "Tori, we're in London....remember?"

"Hailey is that you? I thought that was a dream."

"Nope and I'm glad it's not. Now come on and lets get dressed......Oh don't forget to apologize to Zayn." Tori and I had the same yoga pants and t-shirts. We went down stairs..I smelt the most delicious smell, BACON, it attracted me like a magnet. And guess who was at the table eating it all. The one and only Niall Horan. I am glad I was in track. I ran over to him grabbed the bacon plate and ran back over to Tori. Who was laughing. We ate every last piece of bacon as the Nialler watched in horror. "If you would of asked I would've shared," he said then he mumbled, "maybe" I walked over to him and gave him a greasy kiss on the cheek. And he wiped it off. 

Liam came in from the living room. "Who's up for a game of Call of Duty?", Liam asked, he was still in is pjs he had a batman shirt and superhero sweat pants. "Me!" Tori and I said at the same time. ***********************************************************************************************************

The boys were staring at Tori and I with there mouths open. "You're gonna catch flies with your mouths like that.", I said. "It's just that-that I've never seen anybody play like that.", Liam said. The other boys nodded in unison.

"This deserves a celebration! I say we go out today...have the girls shop, go to a movie, arcade, stuff like that.", Lou said. And like that everyone headed off to their rooms, to go get ready.

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