You Make Me Strong

Hailey and Tori plan to go Paris, they get on the wrong flight and run into Harry. Then Harry takes them home to 4 more boys. Romance between Harry and Tori - Niall and Hailey. What happens when Louis and Zayn get jealous and get involved? Read to find that out!

This is for my Tori is my bestie and here you.
I have nothing against the other boyz. Directioner forever and always.


12. -Tori

       I could not stand here while Hailey's stupid ex-boyfriend tries to get her to go back home. By home I mean his home. "You know what get lost, she is so over you."  Derik smirked at me. I rolled my eyes and added "Her boyfriend is Niall Horan. She's a little out of your league." 

     He shook his head. "Tori, Tori, Tori, tsk tsk tsk. Still making up lies to keep me away from my soul mate." He glances at Hailey and puts his arm around her. Hailey look scared and pissed off. 

  "You know what Derik, go suck a-" I started but Hailey yelled. "Shut up Tori! Derik, stop being a creep. Go away and find another girl to obsess over." It was my turn to smirk at Derik. I looked over at him, he didn't seem to hear her. "Awe babe, you playing hard to get, I have know idea how you bought this house but you are coming home with me" He took his hand off her shoulder and grabbed her wrist, hard. Hailey cried out in pain. I couldn't stand Hailey being hurt, or dragged out of the house away from me so I kicked him where it hurts. Then in the face.

"What the hell!" He yelled and he stumbled out the door. "I will be back! Count on that!"

  "Oh I will. Common Hailey lets call the boys and then the police." Hailey was close to tears, I looked at her wrist, it was already bruising. "Crap maybe the police first."

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