You Make Me Strong

Hailey and Tori plan to go Paris, they get on the wrong flight and run into Harry. Then Harry takes them home to 4 more boys. Romance between Harry and Tori - Niall and Hailey. What happens when Louis and Zayn get jealous and get involved? Read to find that out!

This is for my Tori is my bestie and here you.
I have nothing against the other boyz. Directioner forever and always.


11. how did you find me?

I started logging into my computer when I heard a knock on my door. "It's open." I look up and I see Niall in the door way.

He sits down next to me. "What you up to?" He glances at the computer. "You aren't tired of my already are you?"

I laugh and nudge him on his shoulder. "How could anyone get tired of you? Besides its for Lou."   I look up at him. A kiss him softly.

 "I'm glad to hear that. Any who, the lads and I are gonna go out. Is that okay with you and Tori?" Niall said. I smiled up at him again and said. "Get out of here, have fun. We'll be okay."

 He kissed me and said. "I love you." He got up and walked out. I gave up on the dating website and decided to do it later with Tori. I got off the bed and went downstairs. Tori was in the kitchen making a sandwich. "What you want to do?" She said with a mouth full of chips.

 "Wanna watch a movie or some TV." I say walking over to the living room. Tori follows me and sits down next to me. We were TV surfing when there was a knock on the door. I groaned and got up. I walked to the door thinking it was probably one of the boys. I open the door. 

Standing in the doorway is my ex boyfriend, Derik.

 "How did you find me?" I yelled at him. 


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