You Make Me Strong

Hailey and Tori plan to go Paris, they get on the wrong flight and run into Harry. Then Harry takes them home to 4 more boys. Romance between Harry and Tori - Niall and Hailey. What happens when Louis and Zayn get jealous and get involved? Read to find that out!

This is for my Tori is my bestie and here you.
I have nothing against the other boyz. Directioner forever and always.


1. Flying where?

"Hailey hurry we are gonna be late!", Tori, my best friend, said. I was hurrying, you can't pack to much One Direction stuff, I mean no matter where I go I have something 1D. "I'm coming. Tori, you could help me.", I said as I was walking out the door. Tori ran up the stairs and grabbed my purse and I still had my duffel. I pulled out my phone, it said 9:30. Our flight left in an hour. We still had a 10 minute drive. We ran out and got to my mom's minivan. I ran to the back and me and Tori put our bags in the back. Tori closed the door. I got in drivers seat, I started the car, just as Tori got in. We started towards the Air Port, Tori was talking non-stop. How we are going to Paris and we are gonna shop till we drop. She stopped talking and put in "Midnight Memories" and we started singing "Best Song Ever" at the top of our lungs. By the time we got to the Air Port "Better Than Words" was ending. I shut off the car, ran around the car and grabbed my bags. Tori and I were walked inside the door. And did all the typical air port stuff I don't wanna bore you with. We got on the plane and sat down in our seats. I put in my earbuds, and fell asleep. I woke to Tori shaking me, she ripped my ear buds out and said, "Wake up! We're landing!!!!!!!!!!!!" (extra exclamation marks, 'cause it was loud) "I'm up, where are we.", I ask her. "I believe we should be in Paris, love" I look out the window, it doesn't look like Paris. The intercom goes off, "Welcome to Northern London, please buckle we are descending." "Kay this should be interesting. Since I told my mum, well both of our mums, that we were gonna be in Paris!", I yelled at her. One of the flight attendants comes up to me and asks me to quiet down. "Okay Hailey, It'll be ok, I call my mum and your mum, you know your mum loves me." "It's your ass on the line Tori, since your calling." "We have landed, thank you for flying with us.", the intercom said. Tori rolls her eyes, she unbuckles and reaches up to grab her bag.
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