You Make Me Strong

Hailey and Tori plan to go Paris, they get on the wrong flight and run into Harry. Then Harry takes them home to 4 more boys. Romance between Harry and Tori - Niall and Hailey. What happens when Louis and Zayn get jealous and get involved? Read to find that out!

This is for my Tori is my bestie and here you.
I have nothing against the other boyz. Directioner forever and always.


15. -Derik

  That little bitch. Thinking she can screw around with another guy. She thought that she could leave America and hide. She has no idea how much she loves me, she'll come to her senses. And if not I have something shiny and sharp to change her mind.

  She had to bring her little slutty friend Tori. God she is so freaking hot but I already have a slut for me. I don't like girls who fight back, its more fun, but the ones that stay quiet. Well lets say its easier. 

  I rented a apartment a few blocks away, I can literally see threw her bedroom window. "Dang girl take it off." I smirked. Wait, who's that blonde dude? That dick does he not know that she's mine! Maybe I'll have to persuade him to back off my girl. When they leave I'm going to pounce and take my prey. And man if someone puts up a fight, it'll not be pretty. That's a promise.

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