“Camila!” I yelled out. She can’t just leave me. Not right now. I looked around, but the whole scene was isolated. She has to be here. She must at lease come to our place before leaving. “Camila!” I repeated, falling on my knees. So this is it? I covered my eyes as my whole body starts to break down. “Matt?” a soft, familiar voice called. I turned my head and saw her. I got up and ran to wrap my arms around her petit, but perfect body. “Camila don’t leave. Please.” She looked straight into my eyes, and I looked straight into hers. “Matt, I have to. You know I don’t want to, but it will be best for the both of us.” “Well I don’t care. There must be some loophole.” “Matt, it’s not like that. I’m sorry.” Tears came streaming down both our faces. I cupped her cheeks and brought our foreheads together. “But Camila I love you.”


1. Chapter 1

Matt’s POV


Today was just another ordinary day at school, but thank god this is my last year in this hellhole people call high school. PE just finished and I am so exhausted. Coach made us run triple the amount of laps we’re supposed to do thanks to Derek. He always has to ruin everything for us. Especially me. Derek bullied me ever since his ex girlfriend kissed me. I didn’t kiss her, she kissed me. I didn’t have anything to do with it. I didn’t even want to kiss her. She said she wanted to get her boyfriend, Derek, pissed since he did something to her. And thanks to that, my first kiss was wasted. Life is great huh?


“Get in the showers! I don’t have all day!” our coach hollered. Do all coaches have loud, projecting voices? I rolled my eyes and did what I was told. I put my water bottle in my gym locker. I also took out my clothing with me since I didn’t want to walk back all the way here. Before going in the showers, I hung my towel, shirt and pants on the rack that’s in front of where the showers are.


The hot water soothed me. There were steam coming from my stall and there were mist on the curtain. I did nothing but stood in the middle and let the water just fall. I really don’t like my life. I don’t hate it, but I’m pretty close to. I then heard whispering, but I didn’t quite make out what they were saying from the water. I saw a bit of their shadows through the bottom gap of the curtain. What the hell are they doing? I didn’t care much so I just continued showering. I didn’t mind if I took long since we had lunch next. About 5 minutes later, I finally turned off the hot towel and reached for my towel, tying it around my waist. I reached for my clothing, but it wasn’t there. Only then did I realize someone took it.


“Looking for theses?” Derek and his posse mocked.


“Give them back Derek.”


“In your dreams pretty boy.” After that, he tossed it to one of their friends and I went after it. That friend then tossed it to someone else. This was a game of monkey in the middle that I didn’t enjoy at all. They ran all around the boy’s locker room and I tried my best to run after them, without slipping on the wet floor. Eventually, it got back to Derek, which he gave the pants to Sean. I stared at Derek for a moment until he handed Sean scissors. I charged to retrieve my clothing but the other boys held me back. Sean cut the pants so that it is now unwearable, and Derek literally ripped my shirt down in the center. I clenched my teeth in anger, but I knew I couldn’t do anything. They dropped my so-called clothing to the ground and left. I really hate that guy.


Rummaging through my gym locker, I realized they too took my gym clothing. I should’ve lock it. Now what? This is just great. I can’t walk out of here with just a towel around my waist. Luckily, they didn’t take my phone. I dialed my best friend’s, Carly, number.


“Hey Matt.” She answered.


“Thank god you picked up.” She chuckled a bit and asked what’s up. “Can you do me a favour?”


“Yeah sure. What is it?”


“Can you get me some clothing? Derek ruined mines.”


“Derek? What a jerk! I’ll try my best.”


“Thanks. I owe you one.” We hung up and I waited for her to come back with something for me to wear.




My phone rang and it was Carly.


“Where are you?” she asked


“In the boy’s locker room.”


“Ew, I’m not going in there.” She laughed.


“You don’t have to, just stand by the door.” I hung up and walked to the door. I opened it about a few inches to see if she was there or not. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself.


“Here you go.” I let out a sigh of relief and she handed me the clothing. I examined it and the top looked stupid. It was those ugly Christmas sweaters. Oh well. I just have to suck it up and where this. Thankfully, there were jeans. I slipped both of them on and went outside, where Carly was waiting for me. I have her a are-you-serious look. “Sorry, it was the only thing I could find.”


“And where did you find this?”


“At the lost and found.” She mumbled. Seriously? At the lost and found?

>well just suck it up Matt

I told myself. Carly and I walked to the cafeteria together. Carly has been my best friend ever since middle school. I don’t like like her though. She’s like a sister to me.


“Hey Sean,” ugh. I knew that voice. We turned around to face him.


“Yes Derek?” Sean said as if it was script.


“Is it Christmas already?” Derek pretended to be oblivious. He’s a bad actor in my opinion.


“Hm, I don’t know.”


“Let’s ask Matt.” He swung leaning forward. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arm to hide the design on the sweater.


“Get a life Derek.” Clary defended me. I looked to her as if she was crazy. Derek could easily crush her.


“Ooo, gonna let your girlfriend defend you?”


“She’s not my girlfriend.” I assured him, making my voice loud and clear. Carly shot a look at me but then looked away. I think I she took it the wrong way. “Let’s go Carly.” I put my hand on her back, turning the other way. She didn’t talk to me. She just looked at her feet.


We finally got our lunches and Carly went right ahead and went her own way, picking a seat. I think she’s upset about the part when I said she wasn’t my girlfriend. I didn’t mean to upset her. I followed and sat in front of her.


“Hey are you mad or upset with me.” I asked. She sighed, but then smiled.


“Why would I be mad or upset?” what is she playing here? I know her too well. I know when she’s lying.


“You know. When I said you weren’t my girlfriend.”


“What do you mean? I’m not your girlfriend, I’m your best friend Matt.” I’m still not convinced. Even if she were upset with me saying she’s not my girlfriend, why would she be upset even?


“Then why are you avoiding me?”


“I’m not.”


“Yes you were.”


“Ok I was.” She gave up and I smirked at my victory.




“Because.. because I’m upset with the fact that you just let Derek ruin your life. It’s senior year and you have to stick up for yourself.”


“Carls, the guy is much stronger than I am, and he has his backup friends.” Carly sighed and continue to eat her lunch. I did the same.




Lunch was over and I needed to get my books, and bag from my locker. I walk to the lockers and searched for mines. Locker 96, there it is. I looked for my history book but I couldn’t find it. Where is it? I opened the locker beside it. 97. I have two lockers, but no one really knows except for Carly and I. The girl who used to own this locker moved about a month ago so I decided to use it. No one ever pays attention. I search through that other locker and found it. There it is. I shut its door and went through some others things in my real locker until I saw five girls walking out of the principle’s office. They were smiling and shaking the principle’s hand. I think they’re new. None of them really caught my eye except for one girl. She was wearing a collar blouse, high waisted shorts, and wedges. She has long, curly brown hair, and a smile that I can’t resist staring at. I even smiled to myself just looking at her. They all waved at each other and parted. The girl I was staring- staring? Doesn’t that just sound weird. Like I’m some sort of stalker. Our eyes met from a distance and I immediately looked away, pretending to rummage through my locker. I stole a quick glance at her again, but she saw me. I turned away again but I could see that she was smiling through the corner of my eye. She kept walking closer and closer. Oh god. Why is she coming this way? Did I freak her our or something?

>Stay cool Matt. Stay, cool.

She walked passed me. Phew. Oh wait, I thought to soon. Turns out she only walked passed me by about a few inches to go to her locker, which happens to be locker 97. Shit. I have my things in there.


I hid my head behind my locker door, as she reads her combination. They were actually easy to remember. 030397. She finally got her locker to open and she had a confused facial expression.


“Oh I’m sorry. Those are my things. Let me remove them from your locker.” She step back smiling, holding her finger. I gave her a welcoming smile then quickly got all my things and dumped them in my real locker.


“Thanks.” She whispered putting the things she didn’t need her locker. She looked at her timetable, and gave another confused facial expression.


“Is there anything wrong?” I asked her. Woah, I spoke? I’m usually shy to new people.


“Um, yeah.” She ran her fingers through her hair. She’s really beautiful. Just like an angel. Not that I know what real angels look like. “I have no clue where these classes are.” She laughed in between the words. I smiled because she has a cute giggle.


“Here, let me see.” I stretched my hand out and she handed me her timetable. I read what her classes were and to my surprise, we have the exact same classes. “Well it appears that we have all the same classes.”






“Cool.” She smiled showing her teethe. She tucked some hair behind her ear and I scratched the back of my neck. “I’m Camila. Camila Cabello.” She handed me her hand. Oh man. I feel so stupid for not introducing myself first.


“Matt. Matt James.” I shook her hand and we exchanged smiles. I love her smile. Camila. I’m gonna remember that name.




Camila’s POV


School was over and it was not what I expected it to be like. Lauren told me an almost completely different story. But I like it. Especially I am pretty happy with the mortal I was assigned with. He’s cute. Not like any of the boys back home.


Ally said something but I didn’t quite hear her. I was still thinking about Matt. I smiled to myself.


“Earth to Camila?” Ally said waving her hand in front of my face.


“Oh sorry.”


“So who were you assigned with Camila?”


“His name is Matt. Matt James.”


“Wait ‘his’? You got a boy?” Normani budded in.


“Yeah.. so?” I defended myself, hugging my pillow.


“Nothing. Just that all of us got girls except for you.” I smiled to myself. I didn’t care what they were saying. I peered put my window, gazing at the sky.


“So I heard you were assigned with a boy Camila?” Lauren said walking in my room.




“Just be careful.”


“Be carful of what?” I asked. Lauren walked towards and sat in front me.


“Of mortal boys. Especially since you’re a girl. This goes along with our boys to a mortal girl.” I looked away and didn’t say anything. What is her problem? Matt won’t do anything to me. He’s too shy, and.. cute. Lauren firmly grabbed my hand. “Camila, you are new at this and I know what’s best for you.” I didn’t say anything again. “Camila, promise me you won’t fall in love with him?” Fall in love? What is she talking about? I looked to her uneasy, furrowing my eye brows.


“And may I ask why?” I wondered. Lauren sighed.


“We can’t fall in love with mortals. That’s how it is. Look, what are we?” I looked down to my hands. “Camila, what are we?” I gave in and answered her.


“We’re guardian angels.” This is so unfair.


This is a fanfiction I wrote about Matt from twitter. He really fancy Camila, and I totally ship them even though he's my twitter crush (shhhh) Matt also loves One Direction, which as you know, all guy directioners are like gods. Follow Matt on Twitter Please!: @Your1Dboy

Ps. I hope you realized the little things I added in the story. Like Camila's locker number is her twitter number, and 96 is Matt's instagram digits. Also Camila's locker combination is her birthday.

.x Angelina ( @angelinaprom22 <---twitter)

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