The girl who got a chance

Jess is 15. She does drugs. She was forced into prostitution by her step-dad.
She ran away.
She doesn't get chances apart from this one. Nothing good ever happens to her usually


4. Chapter 4

I quickly got dressed and grabbed my bag. I ran out the door and to school. I was so late. 
"You are late miss Lake" My head teacher, Mr Clark, Said.
"I know, sorry" I muttered. 
I headed towards the school office and filled in a late form. I hurried to the second class of the day and sat down. It was the last day of the school week, Friday. 
"Where have you been?" Kate snapped.
"Sorry. I slept in" I muttered in reply.
"Fine. Music is next and If you missed that I would kill you" Kate said.
"Ok" I whispered.
I listened to the teacher go on about The twin towers. It is what we are learning about in history. As usual I drifted of into my own world. I imagined myself having a proper job and being able to go out with my friends, at night. I wanted to be able to have a relationship. It will never happen as long as I am here though. 
     I trudged out of the class and down the corridor to the usual bench we sit on. 
"Hey" Ellie said hugging me.
I starred at her with sadness filling my eyes. I was leaving tomorrow. We were going into town to go shopping. We were going into the centre of London to go shopping and I wasn't coming back. 
"What's wrong?" Ellie said.
"We are going shopping tomorrow" I muttered.
"Yeah and?" She was confused. 
It was only me and her in the white corridor sat on the white bench. The others had gone to get food from the cafe.
"I am not coming back" I muttered.
"What why?" She questioned me harshly.
"Sorry." I whispered.
"No. NO!" She yelled tears pouring down her face.
"Sorry. I am so sorry" I whispered.
"Jess. You are the only person I feel happy talking to" She shouted.
I starred at her. I didn't think she would be this upset.
"You are high aren't you? You have been taking drugs again and you don't know what you are saying. Yeah that's right" She yelled at herself.
"No. I haven't been." I sighed.
She ran off to the toilet leaving me alone. I checked the time. Wow time flies. it was the end of lunch. I headed to music and ran straight to the back room and grabbed my guitar. The school kept it for me and they also taught me to play it, they say I am really good. 
"Afternoon" Mr. Thompson said to the class.
"You have to come up with your own performance today. In groups of 2's or 3's please." He shouted to the class.
Me and Kate walked into one of the practise rooms and decided to do 'Little things by One direction'. 
"Your hand fits in mine, Like it's made just for me" Kate sang softly whilst I played the guitar.
"But bear this in mind, It was meant to be" I sung.
"Time to show the class." Mr. Thompson shouted "Who's going first?"
"I think Jess and Kate should." Tess and Lucy yelled.
"Jess, Kate?" Mr. Thompson asked.
We looked at each other and then stood up and walked to the front of the class. I sat on the chair and grabbed my guitar. I started playing it and took a deep breath. Kate looked at me nervously before starting to sing. 
"It's you, it's you, They add up to," Kate sang.
"I'm in love with you, And all your little things" I sung the last line.
I stopped playing the guitar and leant it against the wall. I got up and jumped back to my seat and listened to everyone else in my class. 
    The bell rang and I bounced up, not wanting to be late home I ran. 
"Change. I am driving you" My step-dad shouted from the kitchen.
I changed into a tiny red skirt that just covered my bum and a black vest top that let my boobs and bra show just enough, I wore some black fishnet tights and 5 inch heels. I stumbled down the stairs and into my step-dads car. 
"Where we going?" I asked.
"Shut up slut" He snapped.
I jumped back in my seat at his sudden mood swing. He started the car and we drove. I was getting nervous. Where are we going? Why is he taking me somewhere? I asked myself. I sat in silence scared to speak, not wanting to make a single noise.  The scenery was changing quickly as we sped down a busy London road. We were surrounded by tall buildings, small cars and crowds of people. The came to a sudden stop jerking me forwards. 
"Get out. NOW" My Step-dad yelled. 
I undone my seat belt and jumped out quickly not wanting to anger him. 
"W-why am I h-here?" I stuttered.
He closed the door and drove away leaving me on the cold street. I guess I was working here tonight. I knew I had to get money otherwise He would be mad when I got home. We had been driving for about 45 minutes, it was going to be a long walk home in the morning. I looked up and down the street, choosing to go right towards the night clubs. I took big steps quickly. I was not willing to hang around. 
"Slut" A girl coughed as she and her friends walked passed.
I carried on walking as people starred at my revealing outfit. I made eye contact with every person in a car hoping to catch someones eye. I never stopped walking and never stopped looking in cars.
"Hey." Some one yelled from a car. 
My head snapped their direction. They wolf whistled. I pointed to a car park and the 2 teenage boys nodded. I walked into the car park. 
"How much?" The boy laughed. 
OMG. Fuck. The other boy was starring out the window but I knew him. I just recognised him. 
"Hello?" The driver said.
"£150 an hour or £500 a night." I replied still staring at the passenger. 
"umm an hour" He said. 
I kept my head low and he gestured for me to get in the back of the car. I stepped in and slammed the door. I starred at the floor trying not to catch the attention of the passenger. 
"What slut did you get for this party?" The passenger asked.
"She is well nice" The driver replied.
" JESS" The passenger shouted starring at me.
I just gave him a cheap smile. 
"Why? WHAT THE HELL? GET OUT" My brother shouted.
"Look Don't tell anyone." I muttered.
"You were going to have sex with my sister." Ollie yelled at his friend Sam.
"Maybe. She is the one selling herself don't blame me." Sam said defensively. 
"I am taking you home. Does dad know?" Ollie shouted.
"Yes" I whispered.
"He is the one that made me. He forces me to. I have to pay rent to stay in my own house. Well thats what he says. I pay for his drugs and gambling shit" I Yelled back.
He looked at me shocked and stunned. 
"You can't tell anyone. At school I am a perfect bubbly kid" I said quickly.
"How can I not tell anyone?" Sam laughed.
"Tell anyone and I will break your face" I growled.
"Fine" Sam pouted.
"I have to go." I said getting out the car. "Some of us have to make a living" 
I walked away quickly, hurrying down the street and through a crowd hiding. I kept walking for about half an hour until I knew they were not following me. I stepped along the path and smiled at everyone making eye contact. 
"Hey sexy" A deep voice said.
"Hi" I said giving the man a cheap smile.
"How much?" He asked.
"£150 an hour. £500 a night" I replied.
I had upped the price by £50 for an hour because most girls were charging double that but I didn't scare people away with high prices.
"A night" He said.
He grabbed my wrist roughly and dragged me to his car, he through me in the back. I pushed myself into a sitting positions and rubbed my arm. I had landed on it and it hurt, a lot. 
"When will I get my money?" I asked.
"I will leave it in a cupboard in the bathroom because I am having a party." He replied.
Great a party. 
I nodded slightly, telling him that I understood. We drove in silence until we got to the place. It was a university. He opened the door and dragged me out by my wrist. He pulled me to a house. He shared it you could tell. He drag me through the front door and let go of me. I pushed me into the kitchen and introduced me.
"This is the entertainment." Phil said
" This is Ted, Jim, Sean and George." He said pointing to all the boys gathering around me.
*Ding Dong* 
Phil went to the door. Phil was the guy who was paying me. I watched as people poured into the house. Pretty soon the music was loud and the house was full. I stayed in the kitchen drinking the alcohol. 
"SLUT" Phil screamed walking to me.
He tried to pull my skirt up but I quickly smacked his hand away. 
"Come on. I thought you wanted the money" He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my back.
I sighed and smiled, cheaply. 
He continued doing what he wanted and he ended up having sex right against the counter in the kitchen in front of everyone but they were to busy to notice I guess. After he had finished he walked away leaving me stood there. I dusted my skirt down and walked upstairs. I didn't get far before being dragged into a bedroom. 

I woke up in the morning and I was naked. Surprise, not. I pulled my dirty clothes on and walked out the room. The house was a mess  along with my head. It killed. I stumbled down the stairs and into the kitchen grabbing a glass of water.  I walked back up the stairs, I snatched the money out of the bathroom cabinet and walked down stairs again. I quietly snuck out the front door and off campus before getting caught. Once again I was on the busy streets of London, alone. I hurried into a clothes shop and looked around.
"Can I help you?" A man said. 
I flinched as he came towards me almost knocking a display over but he caught it.
"I am just looking for some jeans" I answered. 
"Well follow me because I don't think 10 year old will fit you." He said. 
I followed across the store and into the Teenage section. I chose some black skinny jeans along with a black top that had 'New york' written on it in red and pink letters. "That will be £20" The woman said.
 I handed her a £20 note and walked out quickly. I stumbled down the street and into an alley way. I slid my jeans on and then pulled my skirt off over the top and then I ripped my top off and put the new one on. I left the clothes on the floor and walked out. I walked up to a taxi driver, rather confidently, and got in the back of his car. 
"George street" I said, Smiling.

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