The girl who got a chance

Jess is 15. She does drugs. She was forced into prostitution by her step-dad.
She ran away.
She doesn't get chances apart from this one. Nothing good ever happens to her usually


3. Chapter 3

I woke up, In my bed. I opened my eyes and looked at my pink room. Where the walls met the ceiling was fairy lights, all around the room. The walls were pink and the carpet was white with a purple fluffy rug near my bed. I had a double bed and on my make-up table was pictures of my family. Before my parents divorced, before my mum married Ricky and before my mum left. I was happy then. I got up and was still in my black skinny jeans and vest top. How did I fall asleep in these? I thought to myself.  I had also forgot how comfy my bed was. I loved it. I changed into some light blue denim shorts and a black top that said 'I didn't fall I was just checking gravity' in pink, blue and white letters. I pushed my blonde hair out of my blue eyes and walked down stairs. I walked into our kitchen and cooked some toast in grill. I buttered it then ate it. 
"Hey are you okay?" My sister asked.
"Hey" I muttered.
"What happened yesterday? Dad hasn't come home." Rosie asked.
"We got in a fight" I replied, about to back upstairs.
"About what?" Rosie asked.
"It doesn't matter." I said.
"Oh" She muttered.
Rosie knows what it is about because I don't like talking about what I do. I climbed the stairs and sat on the landing, leaning against cream coloured wall. I let out a sigh as I remembered everything. I hated remembering. I crawled into my bedroom and grabbed the cocaine Kitty gave me. I sprinkled the pure white powered onto my pink heart shaped, hand held, mirror and grabbed a £5 note that was on the side I rolled it up and put it close to the powder. I inhaled through the money letting the drug enter my system. I stumbled down the stairs laughing to myself. I pushed the door open and ran out. 
    My head was pounding and this bed was hard. I looked around noticing this was not a bed and No one was with me. I was in a parking lot laying on the floor. It was the middle of the day and no one noticed me, what are people stupid. I pulled myself off the floor and stood up. I knew were I was but I didn't want to go home, my head was killing me. I sat on a bench and starred into space. 
"Yo s'up bitchhhh. Wat ya playin' at" A woman shouted. 
She had an amazing accent and sounded like she was from Jersey. I knew who it was.
"Wat ya yellin' for" I screamed at her.
"Come 'ere" She said pulling me into a hug.
"Me and the girls are going to Lake house" The woman said.
Her name was Lenny. She was the girl who supplied most of the prostitutes, around here, with drugs. 'The girls' consisted of Glitter(prostitute), Candy ( Prostitute), Megan (Druggy) and Helen (Druggy).  It was called Lake house because it is a little shed near a Lake that I always used to go to to get away from work for a night but Ricky beat me when he found out I skipped work, a lot, so I stopped going there on work days. 
"Ok"  I said jumping up and joining them. 
My head hurt like a bitch but I didn't want to complain. We walked the 5 minute walk with Lenny carrying a bag. 
    The bushes, Tress and Grass surrounding the lake was over grown and it was a   struggle to get to the shed. The lake water its self was a dirty, muddy brown that no one went in. 
    I swung the shed door open. It was small but big enough to fit 6 people sitting down and a table with four chairs plus a broken bed. 
"I got 4 bongs, 6 Ecstasy tablets, about 6 or 7 injections of Heroin and a ton of weed." Lenny said. 
We set the bongs up and agreed that Candy, Glitter, Megan and Helen can use them first. 
"Do you want the E's or Heroin first?" Lenny laughed.
"Heroin" I replied with a smirk.
"Candy, Helen" Lenny yelled even though they were about a foot away. 
We were all sat on the floor, legs crossed. Candy and Helen crawled over to use and grabbed the needles. Candy done mine and Helen done Lennys. I starred at my arm as she pressed the needle into my skin. I pulled up a playlist on my phone and me and Lenny danced. It was a remote place so no one heard. 
"Yours" Glitter yelled.
She handed me a bong and I placed my lips around it and inhaled. I handed it back to her tripping on the way and hitting the horrible wooden floor everyone else was sat on. I let out a high pitch laugh and the others copied, obviously finding my fall and laugh hilarious. I opened my mouth to gasp for breath and a white pill was dropped in my mouth. I chocked before swallowing it. I pushed myself into a sitting position and laughed more as we all got up leaving our rubbish here the only thing we took was the weed. We knew we would be back one day.
"S'up slapper" Helen yelled at a girl going through a drive through. We were now heading into town in a drug induced haze. 
We smoked the rest of the weed and carried on messing about, yelling, dancing, singing and making stupid bets with each other and strangers. I bet someone that If I can walk in a straight line they owe me £10. I failed. I failed at walking in a straight line. 

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