The girl who got a chance

Jess is 15. She does drugs. She was forced into prostitution by her step-dad.
She ran away.
She doesn't get chances apart from this one. Nothing good ever happens to her usually


2. chapter 2

I woke up and pulled myself out of bed. It wasn't my bed again. It was my teachers. He wasn't in the bed. He must have got up earlier. I put my bra and panties on.
"Morning" Mr Dawn said.
"Hi" I replied.
I text my step-dad.
M- up
D-On my way
I tucked my phone away in my bra. I had a sony xperia z1 mini. I found my way to the bathroom and washed my make-up off. I brushed my hair with a comb I found on the side. Today was a friday so I am working the streets unless someone books me. I was treated like a car. You rent it, you pay, do what you want and return it. I ran down stairs bringing my clothes and shoes from last night with me. I opened the door and my dad came to the door and chucked a bag at me. The bag hit my feet. I juggled all the stuff in my hands and ran upstairs. I had no clean underwear. It didn't matter. I pulled the uniform on and chucked my dirty clothes and heels in the bag. It was also my school bag. 
"Do you want a lift?" Mr Dawn offered.
"Yeah" I said.
I grabbed my bag and followed him to his blue BMW. I jumped in the back.
"Drop me off around the corner" I said.
I jumped out the car and onto the grey path. I walked the last 2 minutes to school and ran to class. 

After class we, meaning me, Ellie, Lucy, Tess and Kate, went to break. We sat on a bench in the plain corridor.
"I can't wait until we go shopping tomorrow." Kate squealed.
I looked at her. None of them knew my plan and none of them would. The rest of the day I acted like the happy, bubbly, fun I was meant to be. 
I trudged home an opened the door. 
"Get dressed you slut" My step-dad yelled.
I changed into a black mini skirt and a red crop top with black 5 inch heels.I done my heavy make-up and hid my phone away under my bed. 
"Hurry up." My step-dad yelled. 
I walked down and saw my sister, Rosie and my brother, Ollie. Rosie was 14 and Ollie was 17. 
"You going 'out' again?" Rosie said.
"yeah and shut your mouth, ollie" I snapped.
Ollie let a laugh escape his lips.
I sighed. I looked at my dad and he nodded. I walked out the house and started walking down town. The streets were cold and empty. I finally reached the start of our strip. My dad was friends with a pimp. They kind of shred their girls with each other. I saw a few others walking the strip as well. If I didn't get a customer by 9pm I was to go to the club, 'dark'. It was 4pm now so I had 5 hours to get a customer.
"Hi" Kitty said.
She was another prostitute. 
"Hey." I replied.
I hugged her and she slipped a small bag of cocaine in my bra. I smiled at her and then walked off. The cold was getting to me after 2 hours. I still had no customers. I made eye contact with everyone. I looked behind and their was a cop car. I kept walking not looking back to much. They had been following me for 20 minutes now. The rule was don't hang around to long and I didn't. I stopped and stood still, Leaning up against a dirty brick wall. The car stopped on the other side of the road. That's it I am going to the club. I hurried along the streets and passed some other girls 'working'. I arrived at the club. I pushed through the crowd of people and over to my pimp. I hated that word 'pimp'. I stood with 3 other girls near the bathroom. One of the girls was new and the other two had been in the 'business' longer than me. I stood there smiling my 'i'm up for anything' smile, waiting for someone. My eyes searched the room as I looked for anyone I knew, thankfully no one I knew was there. 
"How much?" A deep voice asked snapping me out of my thoughts.
"£100 an hour. £500 a night" My pimp replied.
"Ok. I will take her... for the night" He said pointing at me. 
I left the new girl on her own,me and the others had someone now. The man was old maybe late 50's, he grabbed my wrist and pushed me in the front seat of his car. He got in the drivers seat and drove me to a car park. I done the deed, the whole night. In the morning,7am, He grabbed my hair and dragged me out.
"It was drunken mistake, slut, never would I have sex with you" The man yelled.
Tears poured down my face as My pushed me to the floor and drove off. Never had this happened to me or anyone I knew before. I looked in a shop window and my make-up had run. I now had black mascara and eyeliner down my cheeks. I stumbled home trying to avoid people.
"You turned up at the club early." My step-dad yelled.
"Yeah the cops were following for me" I replied.
I ran upstairs because I knew what was coming. I locked the bathroom door as I heard my dad storm after me. I rummaged through the bathroom cabinet before I found  some painkillers. I swallowed several before taking a deep breath. I twisted the golden handle and slid the silver bolt across the door, unlocking it. Ricky's fist crashed into my face knocking me against the door frame. I stumbled across the tiled floor and fell in the shiny, clean white bath tub. 
"You almost got caught. You are so worthless. Why were you crying before you came in?" He yelled.
I knew my brother and sister weren't home, they had gone to their proper jobs. Rosie worked as a waitress, I know young waitress but she knows what I do and she wants me to stop so she got a job to support me ,I told her she is not allowed to tell anyone as well, and Ollie worked as a mechanic. 
Ricky hit me once more before hearing the phone ring. I climbed out of the bath and looked at myself in the mirror. It didn't hurt too much. I cleaned my face and changed into some black skinny jeans and a black vest top. 

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