The girl who got a chance

Jess is 15. She does drugs. She was forced into prostitution by her step-dad.
She ran away.
She doesn't get chances apart from this one. Nothing good ever happens to her usually


1. Chapter 1

I woke up and pulled myself out of bed. It wasn't my bed. I didn't sleep in my bed most of the time. I starred at the stranger that still laid in the bed. I didn't take in my surrounds I just stumbled towards the bathroom and text my step-dad. I wiped all my make-up off, I starred at my sparkling blue eyes in the mirror. I ran down grey carpeted the stairs silently and opened the door waiting for my dad. I was wearing a short black denim skirt with a red boob tube. I had my black 4 inch heels in my hand. My dad turned up in his black mustang. I hurried into the car, jumping in the back, I pulled off my red boob tube and put on my white blouse. I slid my short denim skirt off and slid on a  black pleated skirt. I placed my black dolly shoes on my size 4 feet. I put my tie on and grabbed my black school shoulder bag. 
"Bye" I smiled jumping out of the car.
He just drove off ignoring me. 
"Hey Jess" Kate, my best friend, yelled running towards me.
"Hey" I smiled.
She pulled me into a hug and grabbed my arm pulling me towards our form room.
"You are so late. You are lucky I waited" She panted as we arrived at the red door that led us to a plain classroom.
The walls were white with no displays on them, Not in one room did we have a display up. The floor of the school was a plain black carpet. 
"You are late." The teacher said as we bursted into the room.
"Yeah yeah. We know" I said waving my arms about as I was dragged to the back of the room.
After 5 minutes of messing around with my friends the bell rang.
"Jess Lake, Please stay behind." Mr Dawn shouted.
The tired teens trudged out of the room and to the first class. 
"Yes??" I asked confused.
"Can I have your dads number I need to talk to him?" He asked.
"Why would you need to talk to my step-dad?" I asked.
"I want you for tonight." He replied "How much does it cost?" He added.
"Umm.... £100 for 2 hours or £500 for the night." I replied.
I  wrote down the my step-dad's number on a piece of paper then left. 
"What was that about?" Kate asked.
"Late math homework so I lied to him telling him I was busy and he could check with my parents" I replied. 
I pushed my natural blonde hair out of my face and followed Kate to our lesson. I didn't pay attention. I didn't want to pay attention. My teacher wanted to hire me for a night. How did he know? Who told him? 
"Jess" Ellie screamed snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Class is over" Lucy laughed.
"Come on" Tess said.
We hurried to the cafe and sat and a table. 
"So are you coming to town on saturday?  Not next saturday the saturday after that so in a week" Kate asked.
"Yeah." Tess replied quickly.
"Sure" Lucy smiled.
"I am" I smiled. 
We were known as the bubbly kids of this school, bubbly not popular.
"Yup, Are we taking the bus?" Ellie asked.
"Yeah we are getting on it at st. Andrews road." Kate replied.
"OMG guys. I saw this hooker tuesday and she had the same skirt as me." Ellie screamed.
"Slut" Tess coughed 

That 'hooker' was me. I was walking the streets on tuesday. Me and Ellie brought them skirts together.
Lucy let out a loud laughing causing people to stare. 
"You have the same skirt as a slapper" Kate laughed.
"I am going to the toilet" I said quickly. 
I ran to the toilets. Tears threatened to pour down my face. I didn't want to remember what I have to go home to, what I wake up to everyday. I wanted to forget. I grabbed a mirror from my bag and crushed up my cocaine on it. I sniffed gently before putting my nose to the mirror and inhaling the white powder. I shook my head and pushed my hair out of my eyes. I walked out and stumbled to my class room. I had english I think the rest of the day was a blur the only thing I remember was being picked up by my step-dad at the end of the school day. 
 "How was school slut?" My step dad asked.
"Good" I replied quietly.
We drove the rest of the way home in silence. 
"GO get changed you have a customer." My step-dad, Ricky said. 
My mum had to move to America, Florida to pursue her career as a Lawyer. I changed into a pink crop top that was a size too small, some mini light blue shorts and some black 5 inch heels. I smothered my face in a layer of heavy make-up and then walked down the stairs without giving it a second thought I stepped into my teachers car, who had turned up at my house to collect me. When we got to his house. He showed my upstairs to his bedroom and I gave him what he payed for. 


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