The Deceiver

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3. Reality Can Be Cruel ~ Part II

The first rays of morning tiptoed through the open blinds. I wake up only to see myself alone in my room. I look around and rub my eye but I don't see Larah anywhere. I jump out of bed, all her stuff are gone too. I open my window and the sun glares down at me from the sky. What a beautiful morning it is. I look at the time, it's 10 am.

'Lady Art, breakfast is ready', my butler knocks at my door.

'Coming.', I respond back.

Yes. I have a butler and yes, I know what you're thinking, I come from a wealthy family. But to be honest, no one knows this, except for Larah, only because I don't want to start rumours. It is one of those families you hear about in books and movies or anime. You know, a father who's rarely at home because of work, a step mother who despises me along with her daughter. Yeah... it's like that, literally. My full name is Art Beia Jones. My family owns the famous company in Australia, National Australia Bank (NAB).

My birth mother died when I was six. I don't remember much of what really happened because I was in there when the accident occured. I was fatally injured and nearly died but if my mother didn't protect me then, I wouldn't be here right now. After she died, I was all alone in the household. 5 years later, my father found a woman he fell in love with and married her. Though, I get the feeling that she wants to get rid of me for some reason.

I walk down the stairs and straight to the dining room after changing clothes. I open the door and see my butler beside the dining chair. 

'Where's mother and Jenny?', I ask as I sit.
'They went out shopping, my lady.'
'Taylor, you can stop with your honorifics. I swear, it pisses me off. Don't worry though, it's just me after all.'
'I'm sorry, my lady.'
'Argh, whatever. Do what you want.', I stare at him. I think he would look hotter if he fix his hairstyle a bit and wear his casual clothes. This household is boring. I finish eating my breakfast and politely thank the chef for the wonderful food, as always.

I run straight to my room and slam the door. I jump on my bed and throw a pillow to the door. Everyone in this house pisses me off. This is annoying. I roll over to the side of my bed and look at my phone. No text messages or miss calls from Larah. This is the first time she goes missing and doesn't say anything at all. This is weird.

A few hours later...

I stop reading my books and decide to play on the piano. The song that I'm currently playing is the song Larah and I wrote. It was a beautiful and relaxing melody. The sound resonate with so many different meanings that we both experienced. I also express a lot of feelings while playing the piano. Sad, happy, excitement, funny, frustration, depression, and more. But it's not the same without Larah here with me. We both love playing the piano to vent all our feelings. It feels nice and nonchalant. 


I still haven't receive any messages. I should visit her house and see what's with her. I have a terrible feeling that something's going on. Just like that, I have nothing else in mind other than visiting her house now. As I open the front door, mother and Jenny have just arrive from their shopping. I stare at them and they stare back. I shook my head and continue to walk outside to the car.

'Go to Larah's house please, Greg.', I order as I close the door. I can see Jenny and mother staring at me as if I was a total stranger. Why do they even look shocked, I ask myself but I pay no attention to them. Right now, I need to see Larah!

We arrive in front of Larah's house only to see loads of cars around the area. People are wearing black clothes. My mind was blank as I close the door of the car and walk towards her house. I have to know what's going on. I stop and freeze at the door when I hear the sound of crying and mourning. Without hesitation, I immediately open it and rush inside. With everyone shock, they look at me with their smudged mascara and make up. It's probably from crying too much. I look around and still can't find Larah. I walk around the house, desperate to find her, then Larah's mum comes up to me with her crying face.

"I'm so sorry Art. I'm really sorry! La-Larah is d-dead.', she turns around and starts to cry out loud with her husband hugger her.

I drop down on my knees. I don't want to believe it. It can't be. Last night, she was in my room singing to me. We were talking and singing together. She hasn't even entered the gates leading to high school. We even promised that we would stay together, forever!

                                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Play the song~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

With the flashbacks and thoughts overflowing my mind, I start to break down in tears. I have never felt so much despair before. I slam my fist on the floor as I repeatedly call out her name. I don't want this. I don't like this at all. Why did Larah have to pass away. Why did she leave me. Why?!

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