The Deceiver

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2. Reality Can Be Cruel ~ Part I

As tears run down my cheeks, he walk pass me without looking back. The words I'm sorry pierce through my heart, hurting me even more.

Damn it. I never knew love can make you suffer so much. It hurts. So so much. I clench my fist as I keep remembering what he said, 'I can't return your feelings. I'm sorry.'

I hate love.

I hate love!


These are the words I repeatedly think. These three words is now embed in my heart and in my mind. As I walk home, my friend that was waiting for me outside, comes up to me and pats my back. She asks what's wrong but tears just keep falling down that I can't even talk properly. Sun is setting so we better get home.

'I'm sorry for making you wait, Larah.' I say while wiping my face with my jumper. 'I knew this would happen right from the start, yet my heart just won't listen. God, I'm stupid to think that he would like me back.' I look at her and laugh. But faking my laugh hurts even more inside.


In my dream, it would've turned out a happy ending. Like him accepting my feelings and liking me back then we'll be dating and live happily ever after. Then we'll do those things couples do like walking to and from school together, holding hands, going to dates, watching movies, lovey-dovey in my room... But that fantasy of mine is destroyed. I'm too shattered to even cry.

Larah hugs me meaning that she notice that I stopped crying. By the time we arrive at my house, she suggests that she would sleep over. It's Saturday tomorrow anyway. It was the right day to confess because I really don't want to see his face at the moment.

'Come on. Sit,' Larah turns on the light and sit beside me. 'You want to talk about it?' 

I glared at her, indicating that I don't want to.

I really don't want to talk about it now, I stare down on the floor and cry like hell, thinking back what happened a while ago. God knows how awful I look right now.

'It's okay. Look, you're not the only one who goes through stuff like this. Everyone experience this common heartbreak. But I want you to be strong and move on. Okay?', she says as she hugs me tight. I am not able to say anything. 

Larah stands up and takes the guitar from the stand and starts strumming. She always plays on my guitar whenever I feel down. She told me before that her grandpa does the same thing to her whenever she's down. She then starts singing a song. The song sounds melancholy yet serene.

                                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Play the song~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


While listening to Larah's beautiful and heavenly voice, I'm starting to close my eyes and fall asleep thanks to her soothing voice that calms me down. I wish morning won't come and we could just stay like this forever.

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