The Deceiver

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4. If only..

"No way! How did this happen?!" I scream at her mum. 

What is this feeling? Why does it feel like every breath that I take is so suffocating?

"Art. L-Larah's grandpa, my dad, died last night b-because of a h-heart failure... And when she heard the n-news, she rushed to the hospital. B-but, she's a careless girl. Maybe she was running in a panic and she d-didn't see the c-car coming t-towards her." even though it's really devastating for her that her love ones died one after another, she still has the guts to tell me that.

"What time did this happen?", I ask furiously.

"Kelly messaged her at ten pm."

My head starts to hurt even more. This wouldn't have happened If I didn't fell asleep! If I was still awake, we would've came together at the hospital riding a car. Why didn't she wake me up?! She clearly knew that I could've just dropped her off. WHY?!

After the shocking news that I encountered, I got home and I lock myself in my room, still frustrated and still crying. I can hear my butler shouting on the other side. He must be worried about me. But I don't need anyone's pity in this stupid household.

"Lady Art. Please don't lock yourself in your room." he says.
"Shut up! Go away! I want to be alone!" I shout back. My room is filled with pictures of Larah and I, no matter where I look. The irritation grows bigger and bigger and I'm starting to feel light-headed.

"Don't even bother. She's such a troublesome child. Crying over her dead friend. It's useless crying now, It won't make her come back from the dead, you know", mother jeers. Without even looking at her face, I can tell that she's grinning. "I feel so sorry for her even though she's nothing but a sore-eye."

I stand up and stamp my feet angrily as I walk to the door. I leisurely open it while looking down, so they won't know see my face. I have to stop myself before it gets worse. This is bad. I need to stop. But before I knew it, my hand moved by itself and slaps my mother across the face. Hard.

"You foul old hag. Stop talking as if she's the horrible person. If anything, she was really precious to me and of course I would cry that someone I love the most disappeared again!" I scream at her at the top of my lungs.

My mother's face look so shock. Well, I did unconsciously slapped her because of what she said. I guess she deserves it.

"I'm going out! Don't follow me!" I know that even if I say that, they're still going to come after me. They implanted a GPS inside me though I don't know where. I dash outside as fast as I can, as far as I can. There is a place that only Larah and I know. A place where we can just relax and enjoy the view of the lake. It was near the Ondren park. Ten minute walk from my place.

I arrive at the place and astonish by what I stumble upon. The area was surrounded by fireflies, looks really amazing with the sunset background. I slump down on the ground, stun by the wonderful scene. I slap my face and shook. No, it's not the time to be crying. I stand up, clenching my fist, but I still can't stop my tears from falling.


"If only," I whisper "If only you were still alive! To be here to see this magnificent sight with me!"

If only....

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