The Deceiver

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From losing her mother, to becoming expressionless.
From being expressionless, to getting her heart broke.
From getting heartbroken, to losing someone she holds dear.

How many times does she have to get hurt?


Art moves to America to start fresh.... But little does she know what awaits her.

As soon as she enters Deluxe High, she gains:

Popularity - ✔
New look - ✔
Smart - ✔
Sporty - ✔
And of course... all the guy's heart - ✔

Yet she still feels restless, she can't trust anyone...anymore. But regardless of Art's perfect ability of deluding everyone at school with her angelic smiles and innocent laughs, there is one person who can see through her facade. She hides the truth deep down within her but... what will become of Art if she finally understand her feelings?

Will he be the one to save Art from her tragic past and fix her shattered heart?


Author's notes:
~This story is first-person and mainly about Art but it will have chapters of other character's p.o.v


Chapter 2 is out !

Chapter 3 is out !


In every chapter, there will be a music track provided. Please listen to it when the story tells you to.

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