Megan has an easy life. She's rich, has loyal friends even though her boyfriend just cheated on her. She didn't really love him anyway, so life's great, right? WRONG. When a nerdy looking guy in her science class shows up at her door looking like a Hollister model, He gives her the most shocking news, like EVER. READ TO FIND OUT MORE! (I update weekly, BTW. LY!)


2. chapter 2

I led him in my large living-room and we sat on the sofa.

"What's with your new look?! Why are you so anxious?! Are you hiding from something? Why ar-"

"Stop! One question at a time!" He shifts uncomfortably.

"To answer your first question, this is my real look, the real me. Okay? The reason why I have this nerdy look at school is so they don't recognise me and find me while I'm at school."

"Who's they?"I asked.

"Well I can't tell you. It might put you in more danger. But for now, all I can say is that "they" were chasing me and I came up here to hide."

I started breathing faster. More danger? 5 minutes ago, everything was normal.Does that mean I am danger already? Why?

"What do you mean more danger?!"

He fiddled with his fingers."Calm down, they do not know where you live. I came to your house, to hide from them.See, you probably think I am some sort of creepy stalker, and I know we have barely talked at school but the reason I am doing this is, well because I am your.....protector."

"Protector? What?" I was so confused.

He sat up and walked over to the window. "It's safe now, I better get going. Tomorrow at 6, meet me at the lake near the park. I will explain all of this then."

"I'm working tomorrow.. I can't."

"I will come to Starbucks then."

Okay..fair enough.


"How do you know where I work?"

"I will explain tomorrow, I need to go. See you later."

And with that, he left.

-----the next day----

I put on my Starbucks apron over my t-shirt and skinny jeans after tying my hair into a high pony-tail. Time passed as I served customers as I waited for Harry. All of this was too fast, but I was too curious to care. I heard a "Ding" at the door telling me someone had walked in. It was Harry, not the nerdy looking Harry but the hot Harry.

He made eye contact and nodded towards an empty table, telling me to sit over there with him. I walked over to my bestfriend, Lola, who also worked here.

"Lola! See that guy over there, I need to talk to him so take people's orders while I'm gone. Okay?"

She smirked at me. "He's fit, going to chat him up?"

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. Even though I wouldn't mind flirting with him. I walked over to Harry's table to see that once again, he was fiddling with his fingers. Why does he look so nervous? I sat down opposite him.


He looked up from his large hands. "Hi. This is a really big thing to take in, so are you sure you want the full story now?"

Yes. The curiosity is eating me alive.


"Okay. Well really, I'm 19 years old and I don't really have to go to school. But when I moved here to get away from "them" , I thought here was a good place to move. It would keep my family safe, since they threatened to kill my mum and sister. I moved here and saw you. Not lying, but you were not ugly."He winked and smirked as I blushed. He chuckled at my reaction.

"So why are you not safe anymore?"

"Well as soon as I thought I was safe, I wasn't. They called me and said they know which street I live on. So as I watched outside my window I saw them walking up and down my street , and then they went towards your house. Meg, The apartment tower behind your house that you could see from your room, is where I live. I saw you on your bedroom balcony, reading a book, and they where in your garden, going through your back door! So I rushed out my apartment, climbed over your backyard fence, and ran after them. I ran into your living room, and they saw me. There was only two Of them that night, so I managed to beat them up after what they said."

"What did they say?"

"They were going to, "give you a new home" So that's when I beat the shit out of them. They thought your house was my house and you were my girlfriend. I was so pissed at them for thinking the could just kidnap a beautiful girl."

I blushed again. But that scared me to think that I could of been kidnapped something!

"So to protect you, I went to your school and changed my look. So they wouldn't find me or take you."

"Oh my god. But I'm getting my own apartment in about a month. I've been saving up.They won't find me there anymore. But why me? Why do you want to protect me?"

He smirked a bit."because if I want something I like, I will get it and protect it from anyone else who wants it."

Harry was hot, but If he thinks he can just have me, well he is so wrong.

"Harry, thanks so much for protecting me, but if you think you can just have me, well you need to stop thinking that, because you cant have me. I need to get back to work."

He just kept that grin on his face as I got up and went back to serving customers.

Oh god.

Why me?

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