Just Another Fan

Madison Parks a normal 17 year old girl from Stratford, Ontario, Canada goes to a Justin Bieber concert and their friendship starts from there .... But will it all be perfect in the end


1. Characters

Madison Lilly Parks = 17 years old

Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

Brown Eyes

5ft 3

Macy Lea Parker = 17 years old

Light Brown Hair

Green Eyes

5ft 5

Ellie May Peters = 17 years old

Dirty Blonde Hair

Blue Eyes

5ft 4

Madison's Family

Mom = Mia Parks = 40 yrs old

Little Brother = Cody Parks = 6 yrs old

Little Sister = Maisie Parks = 4 yrs old

Dad = Carter Brown = 43 yrs old

Dad's Wife = Lola Brown = 41 yrs old

StepBrother = Jace Brown = 3 yrs old


StepSister = Jody Brown = 3 yrs old

Justin Bieber

Ryan Butler

Chaz Somers

Usher Raymond

Scooter Braun

Alfredo Flores

Ryan Good

Kenny Hamilton


Allison Kaye

Carin Morris

Mama Jan


Justin's Family

Mom = Pattie Mallette

Dad = Jeremy Bieber

StepBrother= Jaxon Bieber

StepSister= Jazmyn Bieber

Grandparents = Bruce and Diane Dale

Hi readers and beliebers this is my first fanfic so I'm sorry if it sucks tell me what u think in the comments hopefully u will like my story ! :)

- BelieberChic97

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