Luminosity: Black Death

"Before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for." - Lis clearly knew this and engraved it in her heart and soul.

Creatures called The Serpents - heralds of the alien entity known as Ivan, was sent to destroy the spiritual barriers protecting Rozen from its recreation tool known as the Sirah.

Rozen's longing for a divine illumination. It's now up to Lis and her friends to bring that radiant into the hopeless world.

~~~This story contains inappropriate language~~~


2. Silent, Yet Deadly


'Success is 99% failure...'


Lis Desiree, the Meister of the Palmyra lance and an elite swordsman, is well known for her excellence of completing Z-rank missions alone. She also earned the name 'The Heartless Akuma' because of her aptitude when it comes to assassination, which is why she was acknowledged to be one of the Excels, a group containing the most skilled assassins in the world. Among the six members, Lis was the second best of them all. 

She refuse to work with anyone due to certain reasons that she can not talk about, everyone was to be informed not to mention it to her.

Wielding the strongest weapon, also used by the first Queen of Rozen, nothing could stop her so the Elders agreed on letting her work alone. 

As the oldest child of the Desiree clan, Lis believed that she holds the family's honour and reputation. Without hesitation, she debated with the superiors that she would be responsible and dutiful, setting an admirable example to the community. The Desiree Clan was one of the seven noble clans, collecting students that were remarkably talented and training them to be qualified assassins. Together with the Lurka clan, they succeeded in retrieving back their land that was once ruled by the bandits after the events of the Polaris clan massacre.

In the family, there are 5 children. She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. The devils in the house, both twins of the same gender. The boys are named Ren and Rin (14 yrs old) while the girls are Lily and Lulu (10 yrs old).

When Lis turned 18, she bought an apartment far away from her house. It took a while for her to settle down since she didn't pay with her family's money but her own money that she was saving up to buy a new sword. After a few weeks, she began to adapt in to her new lifestyle. Lis enrolled to Frez University that she was recommended by her parents and chose to major in weaponry course and to minor in Technology.


At the Celestial tower
May 23rd 2214


Lis hit the wall and tumbled, unable to stop herself, and without making a noise she disappeared off the edge. The tower stood high and proud, with the Star beginning to turn blue signifying that it's almost midnight. The gentle wind of the night was brisk and carried snatches of laughter from the streets below. It was a long way down.

A woman in classy clothes walked over to the edge and leered over. She smirked and mocked Lis.

"Well, this is insulting," she scoffed. " Don't they ever learn. I'm a dangerous criminal. I'm a murderer. I was trained to be a killing machine. And... wow... they sent you? An amateur."

Lis clenched harder as she felt her grip on the edge weakening. She payed no attention to what the woman was trying to say, and focused on finding something else to grab on. But as she looked around, the moment she looked down, her whole body froze. She didn't want to look down, she didn't want anything to do with down right now.

"What can a kid like you do to me?" the woman continued. "How old are you? Thirteen? How unfortunate, little girl. This isn't a game. This is a bloodshed between adults. An unexperienced assassin like you won't be able to survive out there. Your clan is disgraceful."

Lis twitched but ignored the goading. She swung herself to the tower and landed gently on a small buttress. With no time to catch her breath, the woman wielded her scythe, swung it across and plunge towards Lis, aiming for her head but Lis dodged.

"Tch, little brat.", she hissed. "I smell dinner. I'll have you for tonight."

The woman was called Jane Kaye. A bloodthirsty vampire that belonged from the Nabari clan. The clan that held an on-going grudge towards the Desiree clan for 50 years. The Nabari clan was one of the most prestigious clan in the history. A tribe full of members that can possess unique powers by having a taste of special type of blood. 

Until that night...

Rumours had it that every 13th day of the month... The moon will shine bright red and vampires will be running around the Island doing rebellious acts, and eliminating a massive amount of villagers living near the mountains. Many people blamed the Nabari clan, a troupe full of vampires, thinking that they were the cause of this dilemma because the clan hold the forbidden stone, possessing the power of the prohibited mastery called Cuaser. The ability to resurrect anyone the host wishes. This was a dangerous threat to the community.. and so the problem was resolved by the council. They hired the Desiree clan to slaughter the whole Nabaries, not a single member alive and to decide who will protect the stone. Whoever defends the stone will obtain incredible amount of power.

Lis jumped up and got back on her feet. Safe and sound. Far away from the edge. As she was moving back, and Jane striding towards her with her scythe, Lis still hasn't said one word. Her calm attitude matches her beautiful reflexes as she dodged the weapon without sweating. Now this is a skill of a professional assassin originated by Xurbans.

Lis was finally trapped in a corner, though she didn't look like she was panicking. Jane, blinded by hatred and anger, carelessly struck forward with her scythe aiming towards her head. Lis stood there for a second, took a big breath and then disappeared right when the weapon almost touched her forehead. With Jane confused and still acting shoddy, Lis took this opportunity to attack her from behind.

"Stop!", a man shouted from afar. Saved from almost getting her head cut, Jane gave a big sigh of relief.

"Dammit, Jon.", Lis finally said a word "What is it now?"

"The Elders need her alive for interrogation."

"Fuck interrogating her. This woman needs to meet death. What else do they need to know?"

"Well, apparently she knows where the remaining members of the Nabari clan is"

Jane derided and spat out blood, "As if I'll tell you where they are!"

"Huh.. so they are alive.", Lis affirmed.

"The Elders and the Xurbans did spot a lost vampire. His tattoo on his back was the Nabari emblem. Then, they investigated him. His name was Terra Liapon."

"Was? So he's dead? They killed him, huh."

Jane jerked as she heard those words. Painful but she knew she has to get over it sooner or later... or else it will affect her job. Jane came to the Island for two reasons; to find Terra Liapon and to attain the classified files about the annihilation of the Nabari clan. But now that she failed her job. She decided to run for it.

"Don't even think about running away, you slut", Lis snarled as she wielded her weapon to where the woman's heart was. Ready to fire.

"Hey! No, we need details. Actually, we can acquire information from her unwillingly." Jon explained as he tries to lower her weapon down. Lis glared at him, not saying anything. Jon nodded to her, gently taking her weapon. She grabbed it tightly and shoved him away. Turning around and lowered her weapon. But without hesitation and time for Jane to take a breath, Lis swiftly twisted her leg and hit Jane's cheeks.

"Argh, you bi-" before Jane could finish her taunt, she got knocked out with Lis' second blow.

"Hah", scoffed Lis, staring at her tattoo behind her back, by the neck. "Fucking Nabaries"

"Careful...." Jon mumbled.

"Don't worry! She's not dead... yet"

Jon gave a loud sigh and gave his respect to Lis. As the moon gleamed in the dusky night, Lis' right eye changed from azure to gold while her left eye was ablaze with rage and then... she disappeared in the shadows.

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