Luminosity: Black Death

"Before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for." - Lis clearly knew this and engraved it in her heart and soul.

Creatures called The Serpents - heralds of the alien entity known as Ivan, was sent to destroy the spiritual barriers protecting Rozen from its recreation tool known as the Sirah.

Rozen's longing for a divine illumination. It's now up to Lis and her friends to bring that radiant into the hopeless world.

~~~This story contains inappropriate language~~~


1. Prologue


~Crush. Kill. Destroy~

In the 23rd Century, a terrible disease called Noir Thade became an immense threat to the humanity. Just knowing that it would spread near a certain area can cause a catastrophe throughout the town.

It was said to have started by aliens setting foot in Rozen and spreading the disease to get rid of the humans. Aliens were bloodthirsty and they consumed only adults. They were 5 ft tall and they all each had different kinds of animal head and body parts. All humans were terrified and so they barricaded in their houses. But the Aliens had weapons so they couldn't save themselves.

With the population of 30 million on the Rozen continent, half of them were dead in just 1 year. The disease caused so much despair and sorrow for all the humans. The amount of people having to lose their family was revolting. By the time it decreased to 1 million, humanity lost its faith. Their longing for a divine illumination was broken. 

The only place which hasn't been infected by the plague was called Crystalline. It is located in Kalia Island. People from other islands needed to to pay expensive amount of gold to move there and so not much people have chosen to live there. Though it provided a wonderful life style, it was a strict island. No one was to be on the streets or to be seen outside their houses by 10 pm. The island was protected by spiritual barriers that was created by the Native islanders.

As months passed by. Another tragedy started to occur. The aftermath of the plague created rumours about the dead coming back alive and unfortunately... those rumours became true. But not as any normal humans but as monsters that devours human flesh for food.

And so, the government decided to gather people with unique abilities and powers from all around the world. They created an organization called Xurban, a place that takes orders directly from the King, performing special high-level missions, such as assassinations and torture. The Xurban usually work in teams formed to the requirements of the mission, ensuring maximum success. The agents are hand-picked by the King and Elders, chosen for their individual capabilities and special skills. Age, gender, background or any abilities/power that they possess bear no weight in this decision. They are payed with huge amount of gold for completing the missions. It was one of the ways to make a living in the Kalia island. The other one was to be either a farmer, craftsmen or a soldier. The government also created an army to protect the Island from any terrorism and exceptional threat.

The people respected their decision only because they wanted to live a normal life without worrying about anything outside the barriers.

The Island was ruled by a Royal French family known as Laurenz. They are known for a family full of highly skilled and talented assassins.

The Noir Thade plague reduced the world population from 650 million down to 390 million. No advanced medical knowledge existed back then to deal with the disease. Though, without any information how.. It disappeared 8 years later and it took more than 200 years for the World's population to recover.

The most devastating pandemic in human history was forgotten and never to be mentioned again...


25th Century

Eliza Laurenz, the 2nd Queen of Rozen... While giving birth to a newborn child signaled the beginning of a new adventure... In the southernmost of Noemi Island, a prologue to unparalleled fear was quietly... but steadily... unfolding.

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