Luminosity: Black Death

"Before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for." - Lis clearly knew this and engraved it in her heart and soul.

Creatures called The Serpents - heralds of the alien entity known as Ivan, was sent to destroy the spiritual barriers protecting Rozen from its recreation tool known as the Sirah.

Rozen's longing for a divine illumination. It's now up to Lis and her friends to bring that radiant into the hopeless world.

~~~This story contains inappropriate language~~~


3. A Dark Presence


"Better to FIGHT for something... than LIVE for nothing"


Lis went to bed as soon as she got home and woke at five past seven in the evening. She padded to the bathroom and showered, washing her fair skinned and slender body. Her long legs with her skinny arms was glowing in the steamed shower. As the water was streaming down her long black hair, the melody from her phone echoed down the hallway.
  She turned off the water, stepped out of the shower and rushed towards the phone with towel around her.

"Yes? This is Lis speaking", she answered.
"Lis, It's Abby."
"Oh, hey!", Lis replied. "What's up?"
"Not much. I just wanted to have a lil chat with you."
"Aha. Is that so?"
"Hey, did see you the news? There was a plane crash last night. They said it crashed in the ocean. Unfortunately, the cause of it was a mere lightning. But the weird thing was, the lightning just came out of nowhere because in the weather forecast yesterday, it was supposed to be a very fine day."
"Really?! That's terrible."
"And out of the 300 people in that plane, only one person survive."
"What! Seriously?? How??"
"Shocking, really. But maybe it was just luck?"
"Wow, that's amazing."
"Oh! And that person is going to our university! He came from Tomari."

As they continued with their conversation, there was a loud noise and clattering outside the apartment.

"Abby, hold on for a moment."
"Wait. Why? Lis?! LIS??", as Abby's voice fainted, Lis lowered the phone and slowly made her way towards the door leading outside her apartment.

Slowly. Slowly approaching... then. Lis halted and trembled with fear. That door... was giving off a horrifying aura that made Lis tremor nonstop. But this didn't stop Lis from her curiosity.


Lis jolted and froze on the spot. Shivering like an aspen leaf.


Hearing the woman paralysed with fear, woke Lis up from her panic state. She put on some clothes quickly and took her weapon, running straight towards the door and opened it. The corridor was overflowing with blood. Then with a loud snarl, a creature appeared in front of her. Eating the fingers of the woman that was dead on the floor. Lis took a step back, terrified with what she saw. 

A creature that has a body of a snake with bat wings and a lion head. Its claws was tremendously sharp and thin. Saliva coming out from its mouth

Utterly disgusting.

But she immediately recovered, with that she swung her weapon and thrust it to the creature. Aiming for the heart. She firmly jabbed the monster to the wall. She was panting for a while then she let go. Easy, she though. She looked around and saw the woman's body. It had been separated and the limbs were outside. Lis could see her bones and the frightened face of the woman before the monster devoured her missing heart and fingers. She vomited constantly until her face became blue. She stood up and turned to where the creature was. But before she knew it, it was gone. She looked around with a panic. Her sword was gone too. This is dangerous, she thought. 

It was quiet for a minute. She gave a loud sigh thinking that it was long gone. But... Lis felt a cold wind from above. She felt goosebumps. Her legs and arms were quivering nonstop.

A drop of liquid came falling down. It wasn't a normal liquid because that thing just made a small hole in just five seconds. It was toxic and knowing this, Lis became more anxious about the creature's ability.

"Shit!", Lis whispered. "This is dangerous!!"

Lis jumped back right when the monster dropped down from the ceiling. The sword was still in its heart. The most powerful weapon didn't even injure that thing. More like, it was just a small scratch for them. It roared so loud that it shook the whole apartment building. Causing the neighbours panic and walked outside. They were speechless while looking at the monster, then they all looked at the dead woman on the floor. This made them shrieked clamorously and attempted to run towards the stairs. But before they even got near the door, with the lights turning on and off repeatedly, the monster crawled towards them at high speed and slashed its claws and chopped them into bits of pieces. Blood was streaming down and went on Lis' face.

The creature continued consuming the body parts then suddenly... there was a spurting sound from behind. Before you know it, its head detached from it's body and fell on the floor. Lis was squirted with a purple liquid that came from its head. It was glowing in the dark.

Yuck... it smells like shit. Probably its blood, Lis thought while squeezing her left arm where a strange tattoo suddenly appeared. Ahh, dammit. It's gotten worse!.....Ah well.... it did save me.

She stared at the creature and kneeled down. She took her sword and stabbed it on the eye. She scoffed and said, Disgusting. Her right eye changed into gold and her left eye was once again ablaze with rage. This gave Lis a massive headache and then fainted on the floor.


This is my necklace. This was given to me when I was a child. It is something very important and I want you to take care of it, promise me that okay?

Okay, grandma.

So long, child.

Eh?! Grandma! No! Don't go~

Lis woke up with her hand reaching upward. She blinked twice and this triggered a sudden headache, making her even more drowsy. The sound of a constant beep came from the Cardiac monitor beside her made her realise that she was in a hospital. She then recalled of what happened before she collapsed. She slowly put her palm on her face, then looked at her left arm. The tattoo disappeared. 

"Ah, I see that you are awake.", a person said. This familiar voice... Lis knew it was him.
"Why are you here, Michael?", Lis responded.
"Eh~ Bad mood?"
"Isn't it obvious? Experiencing something like that so suddenly is just too..."
"..Bizarre?", Michael said.
"Stop reading other people's mind like that... It pisses me off."
"Sorry, I can't help it. I can't concentrate right now since you're so defenceless.", Michael smirked.
"Bastard... What are you thinking at a time like this?!"

As Michael walked closer and closer to Lis, she struggled to move but finds herself weak then with a disgust look on her face, she said. "Don't come any closer, you fucker."

"Ooo. Spicy! Just like how I want my food to be.", said Michael as he licked his lips.

He gripped on her wrist with brute force. Lis tried to fight back but she was too exhausted. Then, a sudden strong breeze came from the open window. Stopping Michael from continuing with his nasty behaviour.

"That's enough!", a husky voice said.
"Che. Ruined my fun, Toshi.", Michael said with disappointment and sat on the couch
"Fuck off already, Michael.", Lis screamed.
"Well, well, well. Looks like you've regained your strength. Feeling better?", Toshi asked with a smile.
"Yeah. Do you have any idea what that creature was?"
"Not yet. We're still examining it at the lab. I came here to stop by, only to see Michael causing you trouble like always."
"Meh. I'm used to it."
"Bitch...", Michael whispered.
"I fucking heard that.", Lis growled at Michael.
"Well, that aside. We're currently fixing your apartment building. It'll be fixed within ten days."
"Huh? That quick?!"
"Wait, Michael didn't tell you?", Toshi looked at Michael.
"Tell me what?", said Lis with a confused face.
"You've been unconscious for nearly 2 months already!", Michael said.
"Ah! Don't tell me you used your Tenra on that monster?", Toshi sighed as he asked. "Without preparation too."
"Well, it can't be helped. I didn't have my weapon on me."
"Hah! This is the first time I've heard about the famous Lissandra Desiree had any trouble facing an opponent. Were you that scared?", Michael taunted.
"Well, I'd like to see you face THAT creature, the INfamous Michael Gretare. Well known for his idiocy and with the lowest score for his first exam.", Lis jeered.

With that, Michael and Lis continued to argue with the same topic. Throwing comebacks at each other.

"S-Sorry......", both of them stammered, scared of the threat.
"Anyway. This is the fourth time you've used it right?", Toshi nervously asked. "It's gotten worse already. When I saw you being carried by some guy, your left arm looked really bad."
"Wait.... What do you mean 'being carried by some guy'. I don't recall anyone being alive at that time. No one was there too."
"That's weird. It was definitely a guy and you were definitely being carried by him. But he did look like a new face to me."
"Oh! I remember now. At first, I thought he looked really familiar. He's that new dude that just transferred here. You know, that person that survive the plane crash.", Michael explained.
"Huh?! Are you serious? Why would he even be there?", Lis asked.
"Apparently, he's your new neighbour," Michael smiled. "Remember, your old neighbour moved out four months ago."
"Oh yeah...", Lis chuckled. "Forgot"
"Anyway. With the condition that you're in, you'll be able to recover by 5 days. By that time, you have to do your missions. You have loads of them on List.", Toshi informed Lis.
"Urgh... great. More work," Lis complained. "Let me rest then."
"Understood, my lady.", Toshi said with a bow indicating his respect to his master.

As time passed by, Lis' mind was filled with thoughts of anxiety. 

What to do with her arm... What was that creature... and...Who was that person?

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