Hiding the Truth

This is not another story. What will happen if Cindy's plans fall apart?


3. The Plan


"Liam! Come on!" I yelled practically dragging him behind. "Hold on! Don't get your knickers in a twist!" He yelled. I laughed at the comment. Once we got in the room I sat down on the bed. Liam was leaning against the drawer. "So what's this 'plan' you were taking about?" He asked. "Well there was this girl an-" Liam cut me off. "Oh a girl eh?" He asked with a smirk across his face. I felt my face turn red. "Yes a girl Liam. Anyways, I was helping her put on her necklace, then she was looking at me, she looked really cute. So then I leaned in for a kiss and when we were kissing I felt... Sparks... I'm guessing she felt it to because she kissed back." I said looking down at the ground. "So what does this have to do with me?" He asked. "Because after I kissed her I ran from the room of embarrassment." I said ashamed with my face in my palm. "Oh.." He said. "So what do you want me to do?" He asked unsure. "I just need some advice." I said. "Ok. But first I want to see this girl you kissed." Liam said sternly. "Sure but I'm not sure where she went." I said. "Ok well, we'll go look for her!" He said sounding like a solider. "Ok." I laughed.


I trailed behind Louis as we made our way downstairs. He looked for her in every room. "Liam I found her!" I looked to see who he was pointing at. My heart stopped. It was the girl I was flirting with earlier. "Oh." I said not being sure what to say. "Isn't she pretty?" Louis asked sounding like a love sick boy. "Yeah. She is." I said. She looked over at us then turned away quickly. "She knows me already." I said. Louis looked at me confused. "It's a long story." I knew if I went over there she would freak out. Plus she already saw me with Louis. I was thinking when Harry passed by. "Hey mate!" He said cheerfully. "I need a favor." I said to him. After I explained to him the whole story he looked at Louis. Louis just shrugged his shoulders. "Ok I'll do it." He said at last. "Thanks mate! I owe ya one! I said happily. "So it seems." He said


I came downstairs after Louis ran out on me. "Why would he do that?! Kiss me then run away?!?" I screamed in my head. I sighed and looked for Keila. I saw her up a against a wall with Niall on her. I sat down and saw Louis and Liam looking at me. "Louis knows Liam!?" I said in my head. Then I sighed once more. I Felt someone tap me on my shoulder. I looked and saw a green eyed boy. "I'm Harry. And you are?" He said. "I'm Cindy." I said. "Would you like to dance?" He asked hopefully. "I'm not sure." I said. "It's ok it'll be fine. I won't harm you." He said cheekily. It made me blush. "Well?" He said expectantly. I thought about it. "Do you know Louis?" I said. He looked at me confused. "Yeah. Why?" He asked. "No reason!" I said quickly. "So you still up for the that dance?" He asked me. "Why?!" I hissed. "Huh?" He asked startled at my comment. "Why?! Why all if a sudden ALL of these cute boys want to talk to me?!?" I whisper screamed. "Oh so you think I'm cute?" Harry asked winking at me. "That's not the point!" I screamed. He chuckled. I thought about it and looked over at Liam and Louis looking at us. "Ok. I'll dance with you." "Alright!" He exclaimed. He grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. We made our way to the middle. I stood there awkwardly. "Aren't you gonna dance?" He asked me. "I don't dance." I said shyly. "I don't believe you!" He said in singsong. He looked at me up and down. "Are you sure you don't dance?" He asked. "I'm sure." I said and chuckled. He slapped my bum. I jumped and screamed. He put my hand over my mouth. "Don't worry. I'm only having fun!" He said. Before I could say anything a slow song came on. My eyes widened. "Umm" is all I managed to say. "Let's dance." He said with sparkling eyes. Before I could respond he wrapped his arms around my waist. Surprised at his touch I felt the color rush to my face. "I see you blushing!" He exclaimed. "Hahaha! What no." I said chuckling. "You know you're not bad Cindy." He said smirking. "You're not bad either." I said smiling. As we swayed back and forth I laid my head on his chest. I sighed and looked around. "What's wrong love?" He asked sounding concerned. "Nothing." I simply replied. "Don't lie to me Cindy. I know there's something wrong with you." He said his voice caring. "It's just that something happened earlier." I said with a low voice.


"Don't lie to me Cindy. I know there's something wrong with you." I said with a caring voice. Because I really did care. "It's just something that happened earlier." She said with a low voice. "Do you want to talk about it somewhere else?" I asked hopeful. She looked at me then smiled. "Sure I'd love to!" She said. Cindy grabbed my hand and led me to the deck outside. We sat on the swing set outside. "So what's wrong?" I asked again. "Well it's because of Louis. We were in the room because he let me borrow some clothes. He was helping me with my necklace. When he was finished he looked at me. Then we-we we kissed." She said on the edge of tears. "It bothers me because he ran away after that." "Oh. I'm sorry to hear that." I said not knowing what else to say. I got up and gestured her for a hug. She got up and hugged me tightly. We stood there for a about a minute or so when Zayn interrupted us. "Hey Harry! Oh. I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt." He said. "No it's fine. Zayn this is Cindy. Cindy this is Zayn. "Hey." He said with a smile. "Hi" she said shyly back. "You guys wanna come inside?" Zayn asked. Cindy looked at me then shrugged her shoulders. "Sure! We'd love too!" I said. We went back inside. Zayn and Cindy disappeared. I went to go look for Louis and Liam they were in the kitchen. "How'd it go?" Louis asked eagerly. "Well.. She was pretty upset." I said. Louis looked down. "She's willing to forgive." I said. "I know she is." I said quietly so no one would hear me. I gave Louis a hug and a kiss on the forehead. "So what do we do now?" Liam asked. "I'm not sure. She's somewhere with Zayn." I said. "Are you she'll be ok with him. You know how he gets with girls like Cindy." Liam said sounding concerned. "Hopefully." I said. We all left to look for Cindy and Zayn. We saw them laughing and holding hands. I started to feel angry and jealous. I could tell they saw us because then Zayn leaned in and whispered something in Cindy's ear. Which made her blush like crazy and start to laugh. "Hey guys!" She said happily. "Hey Cindy." We all said together making us all look at each other. We all started to laugh. Just then our recent song Midnight Memories came on. "I love this song!" Cindy exclaimed. She started singing. And started dancing a little. After the song the DJ came on. "Alright that was Midnight Memories by One Direction! Let's give them a hand!" He said. Everyone started clapping. "Now to make real midnight memories! Time for the New Years countdown!!" He said. "10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1" everyone said. "HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!" Then people started kissing. "Come here Cindy!" Liam said and gave her a hug. "Yeah me too!" Louis said. "Me three!" I said. And put my arms around the girl. "Come here Cindy!" Zayn said. He gave her a hug then as she was about to let go he kissed her.

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