Hiding the Truth

This is not another story. What will happen if Cindy's plans fall apart?


2. New Years Kiss

When we got out the car Keila said"You ready for the most amazing night of your life?" "Sure." I said plainly. She sighed and we walked toward the house. As we got in not many people weren't there. When we got in we were greeted with a happy Louis." Hey guys!! So glad you could make it!" He said excitedly. He looked at me then at Keila."Who's your friend?" He asked. "Louis this is.. Cindy. Cindy this is Louis." She said. "Hi." I said shyly. "Hey." He answered back. I look up. And see him staring at me. Realizing he was staring turned a deep shade of red. "We-well you guys can get anything you like. There's a bathroom up stairs and one down here. If you need anything just tell me" he said and walked off. I walked to the living room with Keila trailing behind me. "What was that?" She asked me. "What was what?" I responded. "That thing between you and Louis?" She said once more. "Oh..th-that was n-nothing." I stuttered. "Sure." She said plainly. She walked off somewhere leaving me alone. "Oh well." I said and sighed.


Maybe a half an hour later more people started to arrive. I started to feel a little hungry. As I walked to the kitchen some guys were staring and I turned the other way keeping my head down. I finally made it to the kitchen without embarrassing myself. I took a soda and grabbed a few chips. I guess I was so deep in thought that I didn't hear the door open. "Can you pass me a beer?" He said. Startled I spilled the soda all over my dress. "Great!" I yelled out. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you like that!" I turned around to come face to face with a pair of chocolate orbs. "I'm Liam." He said. "I'm Cindy" I said softly. "Cute name." Liam said making me blush. "Thanks." I said shyly once again. I turned back around to pick up the soda can. When I turned back around he was close. Too close. I took a step back and he stepped forward. I stepped back once more and he stepped up again. "I won't bite." He said teasingly. I was so far back that my back touched the counter. As he looked in my eyes he starred to lean in. He raised his hand reaching for a beer. He took a step back and said"See ya around!" As he started to walk out the door he looked back and winked at me. "Well that was awkward.." I said to myself. I left the kitchen and made my way through a crowd. Looking for Keila I finally found talking to some guy. "Keila I need your help." She looked at me and said "I'm a little busy right now." Gesturing towards the guy. "It's important!" I say desperate. "Ok. Niall I'll be back stay here. Ok?" She said rather slowly. "Alright don't worry I'll be fine." He said with a reassuring smile. We made our way toward upstairs. "What's so important?" She looked at my dress. "Oh. I see." Then she said "Stay here I'll be back. Ok?" I nodded my head and she walked off. A few minutes later she comes back with Louis. "Louis I need a favor could you please lend Cindy some clothes?" Keila said desperately. "Ok" Louis said plainly. "Yes!" Keila said sounding excited. "Thanks Lou I owe ya one!" Then Keila disappeared downstairs. Louis looked at me awkwardly before he said "Follow me." I followed him to a room that looked like a teenage club. "I have some clothes from my old girlfriend. She never took them back and I didn't know what to do with them. So I kept them." Louis said. He hands me a white lace top with pink shorts and some white converses. "Here. I'm not sure if they'll fit... But just try them on." Louis said. "Ok." I simply replied. I slid off my dress and put the pants on first. I turned around to see Louis staring at me. I clear my throat and said"Please turn around." His face got all red and put the rest of the outfit on. It didn't take me long to realize that my boobs were bigger than his girlfriends. I said out loud "Oh great!" Louis looked at me weirdly. "What??!" I asked rather rudely. He chuckled and picked up my necklace. He came closer to me and put it on. I looked into his eyes that were beautiful blue green. He looked at me than at my lips. He leaned in and I felt his breath on my lips. Not knowing how to react I stood there. Then I felt soft lips touch mine. And to my surprise I kissed back. Our lips moved in sync then he grabbed my waist a bit tighter. He pulled back and looked at me adoringly. "I-I I'm sorry." He said as he ran out the door. "Louis wait!" I yelled out after he ran out the room. I looked in the hallway but he disappeared.


As I put on her necklace I noticed she was looking at me. So I stared back at her. I put my arms down and leaned in for a kiss. I felt a soft pair of lips touch mine I felt sparks. And I guess she felt it too because she kissed back. I wanted to stay like this forever. But all theses thoughts were running through my mind. And I tightened my grip on her waist. She shifted uncomfortably. I pulled back and her eyes met mine. Curiosity were filled in her eyes. "I-I I'm sorry." Is all I managed to say before I ran out the room. "Louis wait!" I heard her yell. I ducked behind the corner and I peeked out and saw that she was looking for me. Then I felt someone grab my shoulder. I turned around and it was Liam. "Oh thank god you're here! I need your help." I said he nodded his head and followed me to the guest room.

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