Hiding the Truth

This is not another story. What will happen if Cindy's plans fall apart?


4. New Year, Same Me


I gave her a hug. Then I couldn't help my self but to kiss her. Only because I found out that I actually like her. She so. So. Cool when I'm around her I feel like I can be myself. I don't know why I always do this. Every girl I'm with I want to be her boyfriend. After we she pushed me away al the guys looked at her. She started to turn red and ran away crying. "Look what you did Zayn!" Louis hissed. "Yeah. Zayn Louis's right. Why'd you do that?" Harry asked his voice soft. "That wasn't cool man. Do you know what happened earlier? About Cindy and Louis?" Liam asked softly. "They're dating?!?!" I assumed. "No." Liam gritted through his teeth. "Come with me." So I followed Liam upstairs. He told me what happened between Louis and Cindy. I was silent. Then I heard distant sniffles. I came around to a door where I heard the sniffle coming from. Liam put his hand on the door knob. He opened it to Cindy with red puffy eyes. And with Niall


I ran out of there. I couldn't stand there. With them looking at me in disgust. I started tearing up and eventually. A tear escaped my eye as I ran. I ran passed Keila who looked up at me(FINALLY!) she gave me a puppy face. "Cindy what's wrong?" She asked her eyes soft. Before she could go on I ran. It just reminded me more of what had happened. I ran until I couldn't run anymore. It was a HUGE house. I finally ended up in a basically empty room. All it had was a chair and bed. I sat on the bed across from the chair. I heard the door open slowly. "If you're here to make me feel better don't even bother." I hissed. No response. "Just please leave me alone Keila." I said on the edge of tears. "Keila?" An un recognizable but familiar voice said. I looked up to say Niall Keila's 'friend'. "I'm sorry I thought you were my best friend. "Would you like to talk?" He asked softly. "I'm not sure." I said unsure. "Please?" He asked his eyes sparkling. "Ok." I responded. "Great!" He said while taking a seat across from me. "So what's wrong?" He cooed. "Nothing it's just these four guys were looking at me. Not in a good way either." I said looking at my shoes. He got up and took a seat next to me. "Why? What did you do?" He asked eagerly. I giggled. "Well I kissed this one guy Louis. Then I kissed his friend Zayn." I said my voice low. "Oh. I know them those are my best mates." He said with a smile. "Yeah they can be pretty competitive when it comes to winning over a girls heart." He said laughing. I just sat there and blushed. Were they really trying to impress me? Why me? There's like a bunch of prettier girls than me. Is it because I kissed them? Will they still want to be my friend? Even after whet I did? All these questions and more were rushing to my head. Niall brought me back to reality. "Would you like to go get something to drink?" He asks hopefully. "Sure I'd love to." I said. Just as we were about to leave Zayn and Liam came through the door. "Hey guys." Liam said. Niall grabbed on to my hand. I felt the redness rush to my face. "Hey." Niall said nonchalant. "What are you guys doing?" Zayn said looking at me and Niall's hand. Our fingers intertwined. "We were about to get a drink. So if you'll excuse us." Niall said while leading me out the door. -------------------------------------------------

We got downstairs everyone was basically wasted. I laughed and Niall started laughing as well. So basically we were laughing like a couple of crazy asses. I noticed our fingers were stilled intertwined. When we reached the kitchen he let go of my hand. Which I was really disappointed. He handed me a drink." Try it." He said as he shoved it in my face. "I don't drink." I say as I move the bottle from my face. "Please. Just one sip?" He asked giving me a pouty face. "Fine." For some reason I just had to say yes. I opened the bottle. Immediately I felt a strong smell fuming in my nose. I coughed. Niall was studying me opening the bottle. I laughed at the intensity in his face. I took a swig of beer. I felt it rush to my veins. I let out a huge cough. But then I felt pleasure come into me. I took another huge sip. "See it's good!" Niall said. "You know I never really learned your name." He said blushing. I took another gulp. "It's Cindy." I say. "Alright. Are you left handed?" He asked. "Yeah. Why?" I ask unsure. "Well they say we are very heavy drinkers." He says. "Well I can see why." I say. "This stuff is good!" I exclaim. "Glad you like it!" He says taking a sip. I grabbed his hand and took him to the middle of the dance floor. I started dancing. I felt loose and good. I was grinding on Niall. And everyone else. I had about 2 more beers. And after more dancing and grinding I started to feel amazing. I had one more beer. Then everything went black. --------------------------------------------------

I woke up the next morning in an unfamiliar room. I looked around and I was wrapped in covers. I turned around and saw someone's back facing me. I threw the covers off immediately. I let out a sigh of relief. I was fully dressed in the clothes Louis gave me. I then felt a massive headache take over me. I got up and looked for a bathroom. I stepped off the bed. I felt something warm and soft under my foot. "Ow!" Someone cried out in pain. "I am so sorry!" I cried out. The person got up. It was Liam. And he was shirtless. I stood there looking at him. I face grew red. "Like what you see?" He said with an eyebrow raised. "Uh." I. Thought for a moment of why I got up in the first place. "Do you know where the bathroom is?" I managed to say."No but I could help you look for it." Liam suggested. "Ok." I said We made our way into the hallway. "You know you're pretty crazy?" Liam said breaking the silence. "I am?" I said confused. "Yeah. Especially if you're drunk!" He exclaimed. "What happened yesterday? All I remember was having one more beer with Niall then everything went black." I said ashamed. "Well we have it on video." He said. "Oh. My. God." I said. He laughed. "You know you're all over the news." He said out of the blue. "What are you talking about?!" I yelled softly hoping I didn't wake anyone. "Yeah. How come you didn't tell me?" He asked sounding hurt. "Tell you what?!?!?" I yelled for real this time. Then the door swung open. Niall came out. He looked really wasted. "Guys I'm trying to sleep here!" He slurred. "Ok." I said softly. He looked at me confused. "Who are you?" He asked. "Cause you are fine!" He said biting his lip. Liam and I laughed. Liam looked at me as if he had the same idea. "I'm your girlfriend." I said with a smirk across my face. "Yeah you guys have been dating for about 3 weeks." Liam said laughing. His eyes widened. "For real?!" He said loudly. "Yeah now got get some sleep." I said. He went inside and shout the door. "I bet he won't remember that when he wakes up." Liam said. I giggled. "Anyway show am I in the news?" I asked once more. "Come here I'll show you." He took my wrist. And led me downstairs. I sat down on the couch. He sat down next to me. He got the control and flipped to the news channel. All I saw were pictures of me. Titles and captions. They basically all said "she's back!" But it was this one title that captured my attention. "The 13 year old actress came back! After disappearing for 5 years the teenage sweetheart Cindy Davis is finally here. Will she be acting again? Tune in to find out!" Then it went to commercial. I sat there in awe. I was speechless. "You see. How come you didn't tell me?" Liam said. "I-I didn't know I said quietly. "Didn't know what?" He asked. "Uh. Nothing." I replied quickly. "Ok. So.. Are you gonna keep on acting?" He asked. "Well. I-I I'm not sure." I lied. "Well I hope you do. You were an amazing actress." He said smiling. "Thanks?" I asked rather than said. "You're welcome." He said brightly. "You know.. I- never mind." He finished quickly. "No tell me." I said. "Well I kinda even.. Had a-a crush on you." He finished blushing. "Oh." I said blushing too. "Well I would've gone out with you. If I had known you." I said with a smile. He sat closer to me. He grabbed my hand. "Well. I know you now. So wanna try it out?" He asked. I looked down. He brought up my chin with his finger. "Look. Cindy I know we started off the wrong way." He chuckled. "But what do you say? Wanna start over?" He asked and looked at me expectantly. "Well?" "Sure." I said. "Great!" He smiled. He turned around then he turned back around to me. "Hi my name is Liam. What's yours? I let out a small laugh. "It's Cindy. Nice to meet you." He smiled. "The pleasure is all mine." ----------------------------------------------------- NIALLS P.O.V

I woke up and came downstairs. With a massive headache. I could barely walk down the stairs. I saw Liam sitting on the couch sleeping. He looked so peaceful. I pulled out my phone and took a picture. I tweeted it. As soon as I pressed send a bunch of people commented. I laughed. I heard someone in the kitchen. I walked slowly towards the door. It was a girl. And she was cooking. But strangely she looked very familiar. I walked in the kitchen. "Hi." I said. "Hey. I was wondering when you would get up!" She said said smiling. "Do I know you?" I asked confused. She giggled. "Your so funny Niall. Don't act like you don't know me." She said laughing. "But I don't." I said blunt. "Oh. I'm sorry." She said sounding disappointed. Her face turned red. "Do you want breakfast? I'm making it for you guys." She said. "Sure. I'll eat anytime. Any day." I said hoping to make her laugh. "Cindy?" Liam called. "Are you ok?" He asked groggily. "Uh. Yeah. I'm just making breakfast. And talking to Niall." She shouted. "Need help?" He asked. "Uh. Sure. Yeah that would be cool." Cindy said happily. Liam walked in. "Hey Niall! What's up?" He asked. "Nothing but the ceiling." I responded. He chuckled. "So. How's my favorite actress?" Lima said hugging Cindy from behind. She started to blush. "I'm good!" She said laughing. Actress? She's an actress? I asked to myself. Liam looked at me. "You know Cindy. Right?" He asked. "Sorry. Not really." I said rubbing my neck. "Well it seems if you did. You guys really hit it off last night." He said smiling. Cindy blushed even more. "We did? Oh we did!" I said remembering what had happened. "But. What happened?" I said turning to Cindy. "I don't remember. I hope nothing bad." She said giggling. "Well.. We got it all. On. Tape." Liam said smirking. "So are you.. And.... Uh.. Cindy dating?" Liam looked at Cindy. Who was cooking and didn't see him looking. Liam gave me a head mod toward the living room. "Cindy. I'll be in the living room taking with Niall." Liam said over his shoulder. "Alright." She answered back. I followed Liam into the living room. I sat on the couch next to him. He turned to face me. "Well. No. But I was gonna ask her on a date. Tonight." I was quiet. I was happy for Liam. I mean he's finally getting over Sophia. That was a brutal breakup. "That's good. I'm so happy for you bob." I said. "Thanks. She's really cool. Don't you think?" "Well I don't remember her. So I guess." I replied. Liam left upstairs to take a quick shower. I sat there thinking of Cindy. "Why can't I remember her?" I said out loud. "Probably because we were really drunk." She said scaring me. She looked kinda hurt and walked passed me and upstairs.

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