Hiding the Truth

This is not another story. What will happen if Cindy's plans fall apart?


5. Maybe.


After I finished talking to Niall I went upstairs. I had to get my mind off some things. I know it was wrong of me to tell Niall I was gonna ask her on a date, but I couldn't help it. I don't actually like Cindy that much. I did when I was younger but, now that she's in my life. I just don't fell the same anymore. "Ugh." I exhaled. "Liam?" I turned around to see Harry. "Hey Harry. What's up?" I asked. "Nothing. Have you seen Keila?" He asked looking over my shoulder. "No. Why?" I asked with an eyebrow raised. "Because." He said sounding like he's trying to make up and excuse. His face turned red. "I-I I... Gotta go." And with that he ran pass me. That was weird. Oh well I made my way to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and got dressed. I came downstairs and the house seemed pretty much empty. "Niall? Cindy?" I asked loudly. I heard sounds coming from outside. I looked out the window. There was nothing but fans and paparazzi. And a while lot of security. I stepped outside. All I heard was a huge wave if screaming and cameras clicking. "Liam is it true that you and Sophia are back together?" One reporter asked. "Is Cindy your new love interest?" "How are things between you and the boys?" "Will you guys be doing a new song?" All of these questions and more shot out at me. I saw Cindy. She was with Niall. I smiled. "Cindy! Over here!" I yelled. She looked over at me quickly. "Hey Liam!" She smiled brightly. "I landed a part in the new movie!" She beamed brightly. "Cindy that's great!" I exclaimed. Niall walked towards us. "Hey guys." Niall said looking down. "Cindy I'm so happy you got a part in a movie." Niall said. "Thanks!" She said smiling. Then she pulled us both in for a hug. "Thanks for your support guys." She said breaking from the hug. "Ok." I said. Niall's face was pink. "N-no problem Cindy." He stammered. She walked back in the house. I looked at Niall. He shrugged his shoulders. Then I turned around. All the lights started flashing again. Followed by even more screaming. I laughed. "Ready to go inside mate?" Niall asked. "Yeah. Let's go." And we both walked inside. We walked in. Keila and Harry were on the couch. Making out. "Uh... Guys?" I asked with my eyes widened. They pulled apart. "Li-Liam! Uh.... We were just. Just..." He trailed off. "Just. What? Kissing?" I laughed. "It's alright guys. There's nothing wrong with that!" I said smirking. Keila smiled. "Thanks Liam." She said beaming. I winked. I chuckled "Kids these days." I said under my breath. ---------------------------------------------------


I went to look for Keila. I found her purse in my room. I found her in the kitchen drinking some orange juice. "Hey Keila. I found your purse in my room." I said scratching the back of my neck. "Oh! Thanks! I was looking for it." She said. "No problem." I responded. She looked at me. Man she is gorgeous. Now I see why Niall was all over her last night. She's way prettier then Cindy. Well.. In my perspective at least. She was amazing. "Do.. Uh.. Do you wanna talk?" I asked her. She looked at me. She looked down then back up at me. "Sure." She finally said. We made our way to the living room. "So-uh. You like movies?" I said mentally slapping myself. She looked at me weird. "Yeah. I guess." She said. "Oh. Cool. Do you... Never mind." I said. "No. Go ahead you can tell me." She said smiling. "Well. I was wondering. If uh-maybe. You wanted. To go see a movie sometime?" I said my face in fire. "Yeah. Sure I would like that." She said. I looked at her. "Are-are you serious?!" I asked. "Yeah. I would like that." She repeated. "Ok. Cool." I said. She looked away then back at me. "Wha-." Is all she managed to say before I crashed my lips onto hers. I could tell she was surprised. She just say there for a minute then she started to kiss back. Then the front door swung open. "Uh... Guys?" We broke apart to see Liam standing there. "Li-Liam!" I stuttered. "Uh.... We were just..." My voice trailed off. "Just. What? Kissing?" He laughed. "It's alright guys! There's nothing wrong with that!" He said smirking. I saw Keila smile. "Thanks Liam." She said. What's that supposed to mean?! I asked myself. He winked at Keila then chuckled. He murmured something but I couldn't make out what. "So. What movie are we planning to go see?" She asked turning towards me. "I'm not sure. But it will be a good one." I said. She smiled. "Now. What's were we?" She said putting her lips on mine. -----------------------------------------------------


I went to a movie studio. To see what movie we were gonna do. I saw movie stars everywhere. I couldn't help myself. But to squeal and point. They all gave me weird looks. What a way for a first impression. "So if you'll follow me Mrs. Davis" My manager said. "What? Who's Mr- oh yeah me!" I said trying to cover up my mistake. "Please Vincent. Just call me Cindy." I said smiling. "Ok so the movie is basically about you. You live in Maryland. But move to L.A. You meet this boy who says he's something he's not. But you don't know that. You guys fall in love and you eventually find out. You're furious and you run away. You're so upset that he lied to you. You run away to London. He eventually finds you. He makes it up and you two are back together. You guys end up living in London. The end." He says all in one breath. "Wow. I would definitely go see that movie." I say. He starts laughing. "So you are about to meet your 'love'. He says turning a corner. I ran to turn the corner as well. As I did I ran smack into someone. "Ow!" Someone screamed out. "What the fuck!! Watch where you're fucking going!!" I heard someone yell out. "I'm sorry. I didn't see you coming." I said with a sorry tone. "Yeah. Obviously not." I looked at her. She was gorgeous. She had crystal blue eyes long blonde hair. Her robe said Barbara. "What the fuck Are you looking at?!" She yelled out. I just stood there silent looking at the ground. "Hello? Anybody fucking home?" She said sarcastically. "Ugh. Next time you better answer!!" She said walking away. "Next time??" I said out loud. Well this can't be good. "Cindy?" I heard Vincent call out. "Sorry! I'm on my way!" I yelled out. I ran the corner to see him standing there with some guy. "Ah there you are Cindy! What happened?" He asked. "Oh. Nothing I just dropped something." I lied. "Ok. Cindy this is Atticus Mitchell. Atticus this is Cindy Davis." He said. "Hey." He said. "Hello." I said. "So you're my 'girlfriend'." He said with a devilish smirk. "Yeah. I guess so." I said. "Cool." He said. "Ok. Well you two should go hand out. Learn about each other. By the time you come back. You should know each other's life story." Vincent said. "Ok." Atticus and I said together. We both laughed. "Ok. We'll see ya later Vince!" I said. Atticus put his arm in mine. "Well. Where are we off to now?" He said. I let out a giggle. "Well. After this I was planning on going shopping." I said. "Ooh! Yay! Shopping! I love shopping!" He squealed. I let out an even bigger laugh. "Nah." He said. "Ok. How about hitting up an arcade?" I suggested. "Now your speaking my language. "Wanna take a double decker bus?" He asked. I giggled once more. "Sure. I love those. They're so awesome." I responded. "Ok. Oh look! There's one now!" He called out. We ran to catch it. Once we paid we climbed to the top. We sat in the back side by side. Then people started to notice who we actually were. "Look mommy! It's Cindy and Atticus!" A little girl yelled out. She ran up to us and asked for our autographs. We gave them to her and more and more people started crowding around us. "Man!" I yelled out. "I could so get used to this!" "Yeah. The ladies love me!" Atticus yelled out. I giggled. Once we got at our stop I saw nothing but cameras flashing. It was really bright. "Cindy! Over here! Is your new interest Atticus?!" "Are you two seeing each other?" Is it true you two are an item?" "Will he be starring in your new movie?" "What is the movie called?" "Are you sure you want Atticus?" All these questions poured out as I stepped off the bus. "Cindy! Over here!" Atticus yelled out. I couldn't see him. I felt him grab me by my hand and pull me away. The cameras flashing really hurt my eyes. We finally got inside. "Man. Now I see why people always have security!" I exclaimed. "Yeah! Me too!" He responded. We both looked at each other. Then we both started laughing uncontrollably. Everyone gave is weird looks as they walked by. Which made me and him start laughing even harder. I started to feel a light pain grow on my back. I started laughing even more. "You're really funny Cin!" I looked at him weirdly. "Oh. Right I gave you a nickname. It's Cin." He said grinning. "Alright. I'll give you a nickname. It will be..... Mitch!!" I squealed. "Mitch?" He asked. "Yeah it's your new nickname and I like it. And you better love it!" I growled. He put his hands up in defense. "Ok. Ok!" He said laughing. I went up to the front counter. Mitch came up behind me. He rested his chin on my shoulder. I started blushing glad he couldn't see it. "Which deal are you gonna get?" He asked. His voice vibrated down my spine followed by chills. "I'm not sure. Which ever one is the best." I said still blushing. "Well." He said removing his chin. "Maybe you could get. Number 4." "Ok. I'll take deal number 4." I said to the cashier. "Ok. Enjoy your time." She said giving me the receipt. "Thank you." I said. I turned around and Mitch was gone. "Mitch?" I asked out loud. I didn't see him anywhere. I walked around looking. I gave up and sat at a table. I laid my head down on the table. I lifted my head back up. He was staring at me right in the face. Startled I jumped back and screamed. "What are you waiting for!?" He asked eagerly. "For you!!" I said playfully. He bit his lip. Causing me to bite mine. "Well. I'm here. So... Let's go!" He exclaimed grabbing my hand. The first thing we did was play air hockey. I won 6 times in a row. "I let you win." He said. "Sure you did." I said rolling my eyes. "Wanna take a picture?" He asked. "Sure. I don't see why not." I said. "I wanna remember this day." He said his face turning a bit pink. "Me too." I said aware my face pink as well. We both got in the booth from opposite sides. "Alright. Ready?" He asked. "Yeah. Let's choose a background." I suggested. "Ok." He said. We looked through all the backgrounds. We finally settled on one that said best buds. The screen started counting down. We got to the last one. "I'm gonna make this one awesome!" He exclaimed. "Alright." I said. The screen started counting down once more. I was about to pose but Mitch stopped me. "Cindy?" He said. "Yeah?" I said unsure. "Here." He said. I looked at his hands there was nothing. I looked back up. " I do-." Is all I managed to say before he kissed me softly and passionately. The camera went off during the middle of the kiss. We broke apart. "Cindy. Would you like to go on a date?" He asked hopefully. "Yes. I would like that." I said. Once we got out of the booth he grabbed the pictures. "Look!" I examined the pictures. The last one made me smile. "Yeah! I knew you would smile!" Mitch exclaimed. We stayed for a little while longer. Playing more games talking. When we were done we made out way back to the studio. We found Vince sitting on a chair with a HUGE grin across his face. "So.. How'd it go?" He asked. "It went really well!" Mitch said. "I asked Cindy on a date!" Vincent's face was priceless. "Really? That's nice!" He exclaimed. "What'd you say?" He asked turning to me. "I said no." Vincent's face dropped. "And why is-." I cut him off. "I'm kidding! Of course I said yes!" I said. "Well that's awesome! So you guys are fine for today! You guys can go home if you'd like." He said turning and waking away. "Ok! Bye Vince!" Mitch and I both said. "So... Can you give me your phone?" Mitch asked. "Uh.. Sure. Why?" I asked handing him the phone. "So I can give you my number... Duh. He said sarcastically. He handed me his phone. We gave each other's phone back. As I gave him his phone back. He grabbed my wrist. He pulled me towards him as he grabbed my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled me even closer so that our bodies were touching. "Look!" I heard someone say. Then all I saw were flashing lights. I didn't care we were still making out. We pulled apart. "See you tonight." He said and winked. We both walked away. The paparazzi was everywhere. I could barely turn a corner without them crowding me. I finally found my car. I hopped in and drove off. All I could think about was about was the date for tonight. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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