Quiet Solo Moments

I wrote this because what irritated me in LOTF and FOTJ was how the same characters were always with the same people. I'd always wanted some different character relationships in the books and it never happened. So this happened.


1. Chapter 1

Allana was sat on the hard metal floor of the Millenium Falcon while she petted Anji who was sat on her lap. Jaina sat in the room watching over Allana and secretly wishing that she'd got to know Allana better. All of the secrets that were kept about the kid when she was growing up hid her from her own grandparents. That was until Allana told them herself who she was. Like the other kids from the Solo family, Allana's childhood had been messed up from wars and adventures and she would probably never know what it would be like to know peace. Kids are supposed to be safe and protected but being from such a high-profile family ruined that. Jaina knew herself what all of the action in her childhood had done. She'd grown up around it and gotten used to it. No kid should have to have their childhood messed up like that. Allana looked up to Jaina as if she could sense what she was thinking.
"What was my dad like?" she asked.
"I was just wondering what my dad was like before he became---" Allana stopped before she said 'Caedus'. It had been something the Solos were happy to forget about, how Jacen had turned to the dark side and killed good people. None of them liked to talk about it.
"Your father was a great man. Before you were born, he would protect his friends from anything that would attack them. He was probably the bravest man I ever knew."
"Was he the hero that people say he was?"
"Definitely. During the Vong war, he became a role model to some of the younger Jedi."
"What does that mean?"
"Well a roll model is someone that people look up to. An inspiration. Someone that people want to be like." Allana nodded.
"So that's a good thing?"
"Yes. His ways were peaceful and wouldn't cause anyone to lose their trust in him." Allana took a moment to consider that.
"I've heard that he used to tell jokes. What were they like?"
"Dreadful. When he was training to be a Jedi, he spent most of his time trying to make your mother laugh."
"Did it work?"
"Eventually. You know that he used to love animals, don't you?" Allana nodded.
"He used to keep them in his room on Yavin 4."
"Yeah. He used to go out into the jungle and collect these creatures. His room would be filled with them and he'd get me to make tanks to store them in."
"So my dad wasn't always bad?"
"No, he was a caring person. Just like you. If you'd have known him when he was younger, you would have spent so much time with him that you'd probably never see us."
Talking about Jacen lightened the mood a bit and Jaina felt like she had finally gotten over what Jacen did. He turned to the dark side because he wanted to be great, but he never did realise that he was already that.

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